How to Block Someone on Tinder

It’s never enjoyable and rarely results in a nice ending to see your ex’s profile on Tinder or any other dating app. Not to add, it gets worse if a curious cousin or family member discovers your Tinder account. Tinder has released a new option that allows you to restrict your connections on Tinder in response to these worries. We’ll look at how to utilise this tool to block someone from Tinder in this article.

Block Someone on Tinder: A Step-by-Step Guide (2021)

You can choose to block a recognised face on Tinder by syncing your contacts list. The firm has also created an option to ban someone from viewing you on Tinder without importing contacts if you’d rather not share your contacts with Tinder. The directions for both of these techniques are included in this article. To learn everything there is to know about blocking someone on Tinder in 2021, read on to the very end.

Steps to Block Someone on Tinder

1. Launch the Tinder application, then select the Profile tab from the bottom navigation bar. Tap the Settings icon on the Profile page.

2. To continue, hit the option labelled Block Contacts after scrolling down to find it.

3. A menu will now appear with the option to add your contacts to Tinder.

To sync all of your contacts, tap the Import Contacts button.

4. Next, type the names of persons you don’t want to see on Tinder into the search box or choose their phone numbers, then hit the Block [x] Contacts option.

Block All Contacts on Tinder

5. A separate area will now show all of your blocked contacts. You can tap on the Unblock button next to their name if you change your mind.

1. You can select to block all contacts on Tinder if you want to be secure. Select All Contacts from the pop-up menu by tapping on the vertical menu with three dots in the top right corner of the screen.

Block Someone on Tinder without Sharing Contacts List

2. All of your contacts will be automatically chosen by Tinder. All that’s left to do is click the Tinder Block [x] Contacts button to exclude everyone from your contacts list. Your dating app profile is no longer visible to anyone on your contact list.

There is also the option to manually restrict someone from seeing you on the dating app if you don’t feel comfortable giving Tinder access to your contacts list. This is how:

1. Press the Plus button in the top-right corner of the screen when it asks you to import contacts.

Disconnect Contacts Sync on Tinder

2. Select Done after entering the name, phone number, additional phone number, and email address of anyone you’d prefer not to meet on Tinder. You won’t need to grant Tinder access to your contacts list in this way.

When you disable contacts sync on Tinder, the app claims to only save the contact details of people you have blocked. So, once you’ve selected every contact you want to block on the dating app, you may turn contacts syncing off. Here’s how to disable Tinder’s contacts syncing:

1. Select Disconnect Contacts List from the list of options after blocking contacts by tapping the vertical menu with three dots in the upper right corner.

Block Your Ex and Swipe Right in Peace on Tinder

2. A confirmation prompt to save your modifications will now appear.