How to Block Text Messages on iPhone

The bane of every smartphone user worldwide is spam messages. Nobody truly likes them, and the majority of us have at least occasionally yelled obscenities at spam messages. However, spammers are persistent and can be extremely bothersome. Here’s how to block text messages on an iPhone, whether it’s from a company that constantly texts you with offers you don’t want or some random person.

Block Text Messages on iPhone(iOS 14) in 2021

Since years, Apple has lacked a reliable SMS filtering mechanism. However, the Apple finally added some helpful new capabilities to the iPhone with the release of iOS 14. I’ll be talking about the numerous ways to block text messages in iOS 14 in this article.

For these methods to function on your iPhone, you must have iOS 14 loaded. Don’t worry, iOS 14 is compatible with practically all new iPhone models. Therefore, you will be able to follow along regardless of whether you have the most recent iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, the outdated iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, or even the iPhone 6s.

Block Spam Messages on iPhone

  • Method 1: Block Spam Contact

Messages that are simply spam are typically the most unpleasant. Don’t worry if, like me, you find spam mails annoying. You can use the following methods to block spam texts on your iPhone.

1. Tap on the sender’s name or phone number at the top of the spam message you want to block. Tap the Info button here.

2. Next, choose Info once again, then select the option to Block this Caller.

If a single sender is sending you a lot of spam, this strategy can be useful. You can stop receiving SMS from a specific sender by simply blocking them.

  • Method 2: Filter Spam Messages

Nowadays, spammers hardly ever use a single phone number to promote deals and offers. Thankfully, iOS 14 allows you to at least avoid being sidetracked by these alerts.

1. Navigate to Settings -> Messages -> Unknown & Spam on your iPhone.

2. Select the option to filter unknown senders here. By doing this, your iPhone will group messages from unknown senders into a different list.

Although these two approaches are helpful, speaking with your phone carrier is ultimately the best course of action. Hopefully, your carrier will be able to assist you with blocking spam texts on your iPhone.

Block Marketing Messages on iPhone

I had already very much resigned myself to seeing marketing notifications when I first started using my iPhone XR. That’s because there was no effective method for iOS to have these messages stop bothering me. I could use third-party SMS organisers on Android phones to organise my messages, but that choice isn’t available on my iPhone.

  • Method 1: Use Native SMS Filter in iOS 14

Thankfully, there is now a solution to make marketing texts less annoying thanks to iOS 14’s new messaging features. To prevent commercial texts on your iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Select Unknown & Spam under Settings -> Messages.

2. Verify that the Filter Unknown Senders toggle is turned on. Select the SMS Filter option from the list that appears after that.

You won’t receive notifications for spam and promotional texts thanks to this feature, which filters them out of your iPhone. That is actually a pretty good fix for the issue. Since the release of the iOS 14 beta, I have been using this filter on my iPhone XR, and it functions as intended.

  • Method 2: Use Third-party SMS Filter Apps

Your iPhone’s integrated SMS filter in iOS 14 is not the greatest at detecting spam and commercial messages. On iOS, though, you may now download third-party SMS filters. For instance, you can utilise Truecaller (Freeinbuilt )’s SMS filter on iOS 14 on your iPhone 6s and later to steer clear of pointless texts.

1. Select Unknown & Spam under Settings -> Messages.

  • Make sure you have enabled the Filter Unknown Senders toggle. Then, instead of SMS Filter, select Truecaller from the list below.

Now it is wonderful. However, be sure the SMS filter you use comes from a reputable firm. Why, you inquire? By turning on the Truecaller filter, as seen in the figure below, SMS and MMS messages with text, attachments, and sender information will be received. That is undoubtedly a lot of private information to give this outside app. Because I am too concerned with my privacy, I do not utilise the Truecaller SMS filter. However, you should only share data with developers you can trust.

Block Text Messages from a Particular Contact

The most obnoxious communications are without a doubt spam and marketing texts. But occasionally, you might run with irritable people, a person you don’t want to keep in touch with, or a random contact might message you. Here’s how to ban texts from particular people on an iPhone in this situation.

1. Click on the name of the person whose chat you want to block, then click the Info option.

2. Next, choose Info once more, then select the option to Block This Caller.

By using this technique, you can prevent the person from calling your iPhone or sending you texts or FaceTime calls. It is the simplest approach to prevent a certain contact from sending you messages on your iPhone.

Keep Your iPhone Inbox Free of Spam Messages

Although it is unfortunate that we still have to go through all of this difficulty to prevent spam messages on our iPhones, it is good to see that Apple is attempting to improve the message filter feature. With iOS 14, it’s simple to ban senders and use built-in or external SMS filters to stop incoming spam on your iPhone.

So, do spam texts irritate you too? Which iPhone SMS filter application do you use? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know. Additionally, if you are concerned about the security of your personal information, see our comprehensive tutorial on how to make iOS 14 more secure and private.