How to Breed and Tame Axolotls in Minecraft

In Minecraft, axelotls are kind, entertaining, and surprisingly uncommon. You might be able to catch a few Axolotls if you’re fortunate and are knowledgeable on how to do it. But even that is only applicable to a few of the typical variants. So the question becomes: How can I breed Axolotls in Minecraft so that I can have all different kinds? And yes, we know the solution. We have you covered whether you want the Axolotls to finish your best house designs or desire a new companion in-game. Our book covers every aspect in great depth, from the food they consume to building a base for Axolotls. We will also address the perennially well-known query, “How do I tame axolotls in Minecraft?” So with that, let’s get going!

Breed Axolotls to Get Rare Variants in Minecraft (2022)

Installing the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update is all that is required before you can begin breeding axolotls in the game. For your convenience, we have broken down the axolotl breeding procedure into several sections. To explore them at your convenience, use the table below.

How to Find Axolotls in Minecraft

We must locate at least two Axolotls before breeding them. This task can take some time due to their scarcity. Thankfully, we already have a guide that will teach you where to look for axelotls in Minecraft. It will help you quickly determine which biome to visit in order to locate these critters.

How to Catch Axolotls

You must capture Axolotls once you discover them. Fortunately, discovering them is a lot harder than doing this. You only need to right-click on them or press your secondary action key to use a water bucket (see GIF below).

They are automatically put in the bucket by the game, which also makes them into moveable objects. You can then keep them in your inventory and release the Axolotls whenever you wish by emptying the bucket. To breed Axolotls in Minecraft, you need to catch at least two of them.

How to Tame Axolotls in Minecraft

Axolotls cannot technically be tamed in Minecraft. However, as previously mentioned, an Axolotl can be caught and carried using a water bucket. As an alternative, you may also use a lead to attach them to a leash. A slime ball and four strings can be used to make a lead, precisely as we shown in our guide on how to get bees in Minecraft.

There is always the option to tempt them with food if nothing else appeals to you. The Axolotl will follow you wherever you go if you have food in your hand. However, spending too much on dry land might be harmful to them. Make sure the axolotls are hydrated no matter how you train them.

What do Axolotls Eat in Minecraft

Axolotls in Minecraft are no different from other mobs in that they require food to enter the breeding stage. However, they are unique among mobs in that they only eat tropical fish. And contrary to popular belief, you cannot feed them dead fish directly.

Axolotls only consume tropical fish that are fed to them alive in buckets of water. Therefore, you must first collect tropical fish before feeding them to axolotls. However, the Axolotls will attack and devour the tropical fish if you simply drop them into their cage. Those tropical fish won’t be eaten by them.

How to Get Tropical Fishes in Minecraft

Fortunately, the most prevalent fish in the game are tropical species. To capture a tropical fish, you can actually create a pool of water and sit around it with a fishing pole. However, in vast rivers and oceans where spawning occurs naturally, their spawn rate is substantially higher.

You can use a fishing rod to catch the fish, which is a laborious task. Alternately, you might build a boat in Minecraft, travel to the middle of the ocean, and use a water bucket to locate and capture them (see GIF above). If water is not your thing, be sure to prepare a Water Breathing Potion in advance.

Create a Place for Breeding Axolotls

You need to create a place for their reproduction now that you have axelotls and their food. To do that, confirm you have:

  • At least two buckets of tropical fishes
  • A 3 3 blocks area filled with water
  • Two Axolotls
  • 35 building blocks to trap them (Preferably glass)

Depending on your preferences, you can alter the amount of building pieces and their living space. Create an Axolotl breeding facility or cage by following these instructions once you have enough supplies.

1. Create a 2 block high barrier surrounding a 3 block area to start. Glass can be used to make it simpler to watch the axolotls.

2. Next, cover the roof of that building to shield Axolotls from lightning and aggressive crowds. It can also have a trapdoor added to it to make placing and feeding Axolotls simpler.

3. Lastly, pour water until the entire construction is submerged. The best way to accomplish it is from within the building.

How to Breed Axolotls in Minecraft

It’s time to begin breeding Axolotls now that everything is set up. To breed Axolotls in Minecraft, follow these instructions:

Put two axolotls in the breeding area first. Make certain that they cannot escape by any means.

2. Use a bucket of tropical fish to feed an Axolotl a tropical fish.

3. The last step is to simply wait. You can soon spot a young Axolotl swimming next to its father in the cage.

Things to Keep in Mind

After breeding Axolotls for the first time, bear the following characteristics in mind before doing it again:

  • The parent Axolotls have a cooldown of 5 minutes in Java edition and 1 minute in Bedrock edition.
  • It takes babies 20 minutes to grow into adult Axolotls. Then, you can use them to breed more Axolotls.
  • If you want to speed up the growth of baby axolotls, you can feed buckets of tropical fish.

How to Get Rare Blue Axolotls Variant

Axolotl offspring typically randomly inherit one of their parents’ colours. However, there is no option to alter this decision or the hue at a later time. Fortunately, other coloured Axolotls can also produce blue offspring, even if you don’t have the uncommon blue variety. The likelihood of producing a rare blue Axolotl variety is extremely remote, though.

You have a chance of about 1/1200 getting a blue baby Axolotl, according to Minecraft Wiki. Not that satisfying, is it? Unfortunately, there will be more Axolotl in the real world by 2020 than there are at present (1200). Therefore, Minecraft is use its platform to raise awareness of the Axolotl species’ dire situation.

The blue Axolotl can be called forth using the greatest Minecraft commands, though, if you are familiar with them. However, you must first make your Minecraft world cheat-able. Run the following command in the chat box or command block after that:

Variant:4 /summon minecraft:axolotl

Remember that employing hacks will prohibit you from earning any in-game accomplishments. So, the worst-case situation should be this.

Guide to Tame and Breed Axolotls in Minecraft

You are now prepared to birth an endless number of axelotls for your bases. When compared to most in-game enemies, they are significantly simpler to breed, especially if you have gathered enough fish. However, if you want to improve breeding, try employing Allay in automatic Minecraft farms to gather materials quickly. A adorable and cooperative farm is created since Axolotls can fight aquatic enemies while Allay gathers their dropped stuff. The possibilities are limitless and constantly expanding because of the new features that are being added in Minecraft 1.19. All you need is sufficient time and expertise of every Minecraft biome. Then you may go on collecting, breeding, and farming binges with Minecraft creatures. After that, which Minecraft creature do you wish to breed? In the comments, please!