How to Browse Anonymously on the iPhone or iPad

We have been fighting to safeguard our internet privacy continually amid the rising privacy worries. Most online activities, including searching, reading, and interacting, can be recorded and used to send targeted adverts or identify you. There are many ways to browse anonymously on your iPhone if you are concerned about your privacy while using your iPhone or iPad to access the internet. Before showing you how to browse anonymously on an iPhone, let’s address a crucial query.

Why Should You Browse Without Identity?

I frequently am asked a classic question. People often wonder why they should try to maintain their privacy when they are not connected to any terrorist organisations and are not engaging in any unlawful activity online. It’s easy. Many private companies’ business models nowadays are based on user-provided data. Although every organisation claims to protect your data, you never know when things could go wrong. That’s not it, though. Even governments use extensive surveillance operations to track all of your online personal info (I m looking at you,PRISM). We must therefore understand the fundamentals of anonymous browsing in order to preserve our rights to freedom.

Regarding the iPhone, Apple has consistently placed a high priority on privacy. Let’s go a step further today and discover how to browse secretly on an iPhone:

1. Onion Browser for iOS

In spite of the fact that you can utilise Private browsing more in Safari or any other browser, it’s not always as simple as you’d like. Therefore, if you value your privacy, you should be familiar with the Onion browser. Because it is now free, it has gained attention again after being published as a premium app for iOS in 2012. To help you remain anonymous online, the Onion browser encrypts all of your web traffic using the Tor network. The following are a few advantages of utilising the Onion browser for privacy:

  • Websites cannot see your real IP address and so cannot trace your location.
  • Even ISPs cannot see what you re browsing.
  • Access websites regardless of geographical barriers.

With the Onion browser, getting started is quite simple. The Connecting screen should appear after opening the iOS app for the first time and shouldn’t take more than a minute. After that, you’ll see a success message like the one below. iOS app for the onion browser

You can now explore any website in an anonymous manner. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the Onion browser only encrypts traffic coming from inside the browser. Additionally, even when using the Onion browser, you are not truly anonymous if you connect into websites where you have previously stored your information (such as Facebook, Gmail, etc.). The fact that this browser loads pages far more slowly than standard browsers is a drawback. This is due to the requirement that all traffic pass through the Tor network and be encrypted. You have to make a sacrifice in order to browse anonymously.

Install Onion Browser (Free)

2. TunnelBear for iOS

A well-known multi-platform VPN service is TunnelBear. You may surf using TunnelBear’s free version from 20 different locales, including the UK, US, Japan, and India, and you get 500 MB of bandwidth each month (you can get more data through subscription plans or social media activity). As an alternative, there are numerous free VPN apps for the iPhone.

Let’s examine how a VPN can assist you in maintaining your privacy online.

  • Hides your real IP address from websites so they cannot track you or your location.
  • If you re connected to a public WiFi network, a VPN can encrypt all the information, thus preventing anyone from stealing your important information (Man-in-the-middle-attack).
  • A VPN can fake your location as another country, thus helping you to get around blocked sites and censorship.

Additionally, TunnelBear is really simple to use. The iOS app will prompt you to establish a new account the first time you access it. To instal the VPN configurations, selectAllowat the following popup.

Verify your email address before pressing the Continue button.

Here is how TunnelBear appears while it is active.

Regardless of the app you are using, using a VPN has the advantage of encrypting all outgoing data from your iPhone. Contrary to the Onion browser, TunnelBear VPN doesn’t interfere with your ability to browse.

For iOS, get TunnelBear VPN (Free, with in-app purchases)

3. DuckDuckGo Search Engine for iOS

A private search engine business called DuckDuckGo takes pride in not tracking you. Let’s first examine the information that is gathered when you conduct a search on, say, Google.

  • You actual search term is sent to the site which you click from the search results.
  • It also sends the user agent of the browser and your IP address which can be potentially used to uniquely identify you.
  • The search engine stores the history of your search results and uses it to deliver personalized advertisements.

On the other side, none of the aforementioned techniques are used by DuckDuckGod to monitor you. It should be emphasised that just your queries are anonymized. In the event that you visit another website, its privacy statement will take effect.

DuckDuckGo has a few cool tricks up its bag in addition to the privacy capabilities, including quick search and (!) bangs. If you feel like conducting a Google search in secret, the(!)bangfeature is really helpful. For instance, you can access the Google search results without being tracked by adding!g (without the quotes) to the end of your search query. Really cool stuff, no?

You may search on DuckDuckGo online, but for added convenience, you might want to download their iOS app. You can read our in-depth post about DuckDuckGo to learn more about the benefits of switching to it.

Install DuckDuckGo on iOS (Free)

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Use These Methods to Browse Anonymously on iPhone

There are many different types of human vulnerabilities, and surveillance simply exacerbates them. Because it has the ability to alter the way you conduct your life online, we should all work to protect our online privacy. The methods outlined above can be used to browse anonymously if you have an iPhone. Let us know if you have any other advice for our fellow readers on how to browse anonymously.