How to Cancel Netflix Subscription Easily

Are you attempting to cut back on your subscription spending? We all know that Netflix is one of the most expensive OTT services in many nations, therefore I won’t hold it against you if you believe that it is the cause of your financial woes. To counter the fierce competition from rival streaming providers, Netflix has lately reduced pricing in numerous nations. You can determine whether you want to change your membership plan or cancel your Netflix subscription by looking up how much Netflix costs in each region. This post will outline the process for cancelling your Netflix membership as well as additional factors you should take into account. So, if you’re ready to start saving money, let’s get started.

Cancel Netflix Subscription (January 2022)

You need a web browser to view the account settings in order to cancel a Netflix subscription. So long as your device can access a web browser, you can easily cancel your Netflix subscription. So let’s look at how to cancel your Netflix account on Android, iOS, and desktop PCs in addition to the crucial things to remember after doing so.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription in Web Browser

The procedure of terminating your Netflix subscription is simple and quick. It does not, however, immediately take effect. Even if you cancel your membership, Netflix allows you to continue using the subscription until the end of your paying cycle. In light of this, it is preferable to consider the cancellation in advance to prevent any further fees.

Here are the steps to take if you’re resolved to stop using Netflix and want to cancel your subscription through a web browser on your Mac, Windows, or Linux laptop or desktop computer.

  • Sign in to Netflix from a web browser of your choice. Now, hover over the profile icon on the top-right corner and click Account .
  • Here, you will see the Cancel Membership option under the Membership and Billing section.
  • Click on it and confirm your cancellation on the next page. You need to click the Finish Cancellation button to stop your membership on the streaming platform.

The discontinuance date, which coincides with the conclusion of your current paying cycle, will be displayed on this page. Additionally, Netflix doesn’t want its users to permanently sever ties with the service. As a result, they keep track of your watching choices for ten months after your cancellation. You can reactivate your subscription at any time to continue having the same experience.

Note:If you don’t see the Cancel Membership option, your subscription is likely managed by a third-party client, such as your internet service provider or maker of smart TVs (ISP). If this happens, get in touch with the service provider to terminate your Netflix membership.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on Android

Like the desktop app, the Netflix app for Android includes some unique settings. However, the majority of it is focused on minimising data usage and downloading material to view offline. You will, however, be transferred to a browser page where you can modify other account-related settings. The procedures listed below can be used to navigate the Netflix app and reach the Account settings:

  • Log in to the Netflix app on your Android device. Tap on the profile icon at the top-right corner.
  • Select Account from the list of options on the profile page. It will redirect you to the Account setting page in a web browser. Yeah, the Netflix Android app does not include the account settings, and you will now see a similar cancellation flow as the browser method we have explained above.
  • Then, scroll down and click the Cancel Membership option.
  • Finally, on the next page, confirm the cancellation by tapping the blue Finish Cancellation button. Then, Netflix will show you a confirmation message, saying We ve canceled your membership .

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on iPhone

You cannot modify your account settings on Netflix using an iPhone, iPad, or other streaming device. To access these settings, you must sign in to Netflix using a web browser on your Android phone or PC. Then, proceed as instructed in the web browser section.

The page shown in the left screenshot below will appear if you launch the Netflix app on your iPhone and tap the profile symbol in the top-right corner. When you pick Account from this menu, a message reads In search of your account settings? To manage your Netflix account, please visit the website.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on Smart TV

Netflix does not allow you to access the account settings page from within the app on your smart TV or streaming devices, much like it does on the iPhone or iPad. As a result, you must once more access your Netflix account through a browser window and take the actions described in the section above on using a web browser.

Things to Remember when Canceling Netflix Subscription

It can be annoying to skip your monthly entertainment fix. Following are some things to keep in mind while terminating your Netflix account if you are making this decision in a hurry:

  • The cancellation comes into effect after the end of your current billing cycle.
  • Uninstalling or not using Netflix will not cancel the subscription or membership. You will need to follow the steps detailed in this guide to not subscribe to the streaming service and save your money.
  • Your data is stored with Netflix for 10 months if you wish to restart your membership in the future.
  • You will have to pay for the upcoming month in advance if you choose to resume the membership.
  • Change your Netflix account password if you have a shared account to prevent someone else from renewing the subscription without your notice.
  • If you don t have an automatic payment option, you can skip further payments without canceling the plan. It won t cost you extra when you rejoin or renew your membership.
  • If your account is on hold, the cancellation will be effective immediately.
  • Suppose you have used a gift card or promotional offer to access Netflix. In that case, the streaming service will continue the plan until the card balance is exhausted. After that, you can choose whether you wish to continue the membership and enjoy the best movies and best TV series on Netflix.

Change your Netflix Membership Plan Instead

There are various tiers of Netflix subscription plans. Therefore, you can switch from the Premium or Standard plan to the Basic plan to save money. To further maximise your savings, you might even choose a less expensive mobile-only plan in some nations like India, the Philippines, or Vietnam. Your initial goal of cancelling your Netflix subscription will have a significant impact on how you proceed. Here is a comparison of the three primary Netflix subscription packages and the advantages they provide to users.

It is better to switch to a less expensive plan to reduce your costs if you are willing to accept device restrictions and worse video quality. You won’t have to give up the Netflix-exclusive binge-watching experience in this way.

Stop Netflix Subscription: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel Netflix on my phone?

From the Netflix app on your phone, select the Account Settings option to access the settings in a browser. On your phone, especially on an iPhone, there isn’t a simple way to end your Netflix subscription. Furthermore, removing the app won’t solve the problem.

Will Netflix charge me if I cancel my subscription?

A Netflix subscription cancellation is free of further fees. There is no reimbursement for your current membership, however you may still use your plan up until the end of the paying cycle.

How do I stop auto-renewal on Netflix?

You can use a payment mechanism, such as a debit card, that demands authentication before each transaction. If not, you may either ask your bank provider to stop the payments for Netflix or you can cancel the standing order for Netflix payments via internet banking. The subscription can be cancelled as a last resort to stop further charges.

Can I cancel Netflix anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Netflix subscription whenever you choose. However, closing the Netflix app or signing out won’t end your membership.

Easiest Ways to Cancel Netflix Subscription

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to stop your Netflix subscription. Moving to a different country, sharing a membership with family members, or wanting to give Disney+, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video a try as Netflix substitutes are some possible reasons. In any case, cancelling a Netflix subscription is a faster process than preparing two-minute noodles. We covered every step in this article in the hopes that they will enable you to cancel your membership. If you found this advice useful, please spread the word to your loved ones who are in need. Additionally, if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below and we will assist you.