How to Cast Oculus Quest 2 to TV

The Oculus Quest 2 comes with a tonne of experiences and apps that make single-player and multiplayer gaming incredibly entertaining. However, if there is only one headset and several persons, the fun is constrained. Thankfully, Meta did plan ahead and included the capability to cast the content of the Oculus Quest 2 to TVs so that everyone could enjoy it. You’ll be glad to know that it’s simple to share your Quest experience with friends and family if you’re a user who wants to do so. To learn just how to cast your Oculus Quest 2 to a TV, keep reading.

How to Cast Oculus Quest 2 to TV

Even though casting your Oculus Quest 2’s stream to a TV is simple, there are a few items you’ll need first. If you are already familiar with the prerequisites, you can skip ahead to the process using the table below.

Requirements to Cast Your Oculus Quest 2 to a TV

There are a few items you need need before we start in order to cast your Quest 2 to a TV. Before moving forward, take a look at the list below:

1. A Chromecast Compatible TV

You will want a Chromecast-compatible television that can receive the output from the headset in order to cast the Oculus Quest 2’s screen. However, you shouldn’t worry too much because Chromecast is now integrated and compatible with the majority of TVs. You can buy a Chromecast dongle and connect it if you don’t have a SmartTV.

2. Internet Connected Through Wi-Fi

Additionally, you will need a Wi-Fi-connected, reasonably fast Internet connection. This is required so that the Oculus Quest 2 and TV may be connected. Make sure both of your devices are linked to the same Wi-Fi network as well for this reason.

3. A Charged Oculus Quest 2

Any device’s battery is depleted somewhat during casting. Before you start casting to your TV, make sure your Oculus Quest 2 is completely charged. Connect your headset for a while, then return to this manual later.

How to Cast the Oculus Quest 2 to TV

Start your headset, and let’s get started if you’ve read the criteria and have them already. To cast your Oculus Quest 2 to TV, just adhere to the guidelines listed below.

Note:Confirm that your Oculus Quest 2 and TV are both linked to the same Wi-Fi network, as was specified previously.

1. Don your headset and click the Oculus button on the right controller to access the Universal Menu.

2. On the menu, click the Sharingbutton, which will resemble a curved arrow.

3. Press the “Cast” button.

4. Scroll through the list that displays to find your TV. After tapping it, press the Next button.

5. A casting request sent bubble will now appear. The casting should begin right away if the connection is steady.

That’s all, then! Through a tiny red dot that will appear inside the Oculus display, you will be able to tell when you are casting to the TV. Everything you see on your Oculus Quest 2 will exactly match what you see on your TV. So feel free to broadcast away to your loved ones on TV.

How to Stop Casting from Your Quest 2

You can quickly halt casting once you’ve finished sending content from your Quest 2 to TV. Follow these procedures to disable casting from your Quest 2:

1. To access the Universal Menu, press the Oculus button on the right controller.

2. On the menu, click the Sharingbutton, which will resemble a curved arrow.

3. To cease casting, hit the Cast button first, followed by the Stop Casting button.

The end of that. Anytime you wish to discontinue casting to your TV, keep the aforementioned instructions in mind.

How to Cast Quest 2 to the TV from Your Phone

This guide is for you if you tried to follow the steps above but were unable to because of the Oculus interface. You can effortlessly cast Quest 2 from your phone to your TV and other devices using the official Oculus software. It must be installed if you followed our instructions for setting up the Oculus Quest 2. If you haven’t already, download, install, pair, and use the Oculus app (Android/iOS, Free) before continuing with the steps below.

1. Go to your phone’s Oculus app.

2. Select the Cast icon in the top right corner. It will resemble a linked Wi-Fi sign and a headset. Give the app any rights it requests.

3. Select it by tapping your Oculus Quest 2.

4. Tap the downward arrow to reveal the list of casting devices, then select your TV from the list.

5. To start casting, press the Startbutton.

And now you’re ready. Casting from your Quest 2 to the TV has started again. By selecting the Stop Casting button that will display on the app, you can halt it at any time. The next time you’re feeling sluggish, cast your phone.

Cast Your Quest 2 Content Away to Your TV

That was our tutorial on casting Oculus Quest 2 material to a television. Share these top virtual reality apps and experiences with your relatives and friends once you’ve finished setting up the casting. Did the absence of playtime result from drained controllers? Here is information on charging your Oculus Quest 2 controllers. Ask your queries in the comments section below if you’re having any casting-related issues.