How to Cast Windows 10 to Android TV or Any Smart TV

Although Chromecast performs admirably within the AndroidChrome ecosystem, Windows users have few options once they leave Google’s sacred grounds. Local media stored on your Windows 10 computer cannot be projected to an Android TV device. You and I cannot cast any other programme besides Chrome. Hence, you have come to the right place if you are looking for a way to cast Windows 10 in its entirety to Android TV. Here, we demonstrate how to set up screen mirroring using Miracast from Windows 10 to Android TV or, for that matter, any other smart TV. So without further ado, let’s review the instructions.

Cast Windows 10 to Android TV or Any Smart TV

Below, we’ve included every technique so you may follow the steps step by step. Go over the prerequisites and make sure your device can support Miracast before continuing. To quickly navigate to the section, click the link below.

  1. Requirements
  2. Find Miracast Support on Windows 10
  3. Find Miracast Support on Android TV
  4. Cast Windows 10 to Android TV

Project Windows 10 Screen to Android TV


  1. Miracast-compliant TV
  2. Miracast-compliant Windows PC or Laptop
  3. Both your Android TV and Windows 10 computer should be connected to a common WiFi network.

Find Miracast Support on Windows 10

1. To open the Run window, press Win + R. Enter enterdxdiag to continue.

2. Right-click the file and select Save All Information to save it to your desktop. A text file will be used to store it.

3. Locate Miracast in the text file after opening it. You can proceed if Available is displayed.

4. Download Intel Driver Assistance (Free) and update all drivers if it says “Not supported by Graphics driver”. Even if your computer has the necessary hardware, Miracast may not work on your device if a correct driver is not installed. Hence, try it out using the Intel Driver Assistance. Remember that Miracast requires both hardware and software support in order to function.

5. Another option is to try updating the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, which is available for free from the Microsoft Store.

Find Miracast Support on Android TV

Before we start, I should clarify that I am using a Mi TV 4X running Android 9.0. I can now use the Miracast capability thanks to Xiaomi’s latest addition of Miracast support for Mi TV. A separate Miracast app has been added by Xiaomi to connect to wireless displays.

You might need to go into settings and locate the Miracast menu for Android Televisions made by other manufacturers, such as Sony, Samsung, LG, and others. This is applicable to all smart TVs, not only Android TV. Verify that Miracast is turned on and discoverable. You should also navigate to Settings -> Applications -> Show All Apps, in my opinion.

If necessary, search the System Applications (down at the bottom) for the Miracast menu. Moreover, you can search the entire Settings menu for the Miracast option. In this post, I’ll explain where to look for Miracast functionality for Mi TVs.

1. Locate the Plus button, which is next to the Applications section on the Android TV interface.

2. This is where the Miracast app is located. The app will be added to your favourite apps section once you simply pick it. Search for Miracast under Settings -> Applications -> Show All Apps if it isn’t already there.

3. After doing so, the wireless display feature will be activated in the Miracast app. While casting Windows 10 to Android TV, stay on this screen.

Cast Windows 10 to Android TV

1. On your Android TV, launch the Miracast app, and remain there. For your information, “Definition Priority” refers to the highest level of clarity while “real-time syncing” will be prioritised over both. Fluency Priority refers to a steady connection with real-time synchronisation but low resolution (better for low-end devices). Definition Priority should always be left at default.

2. Return to your Windows 10 machine and click the Win + Kkeyboard shortcut. On the right pane, a Connect window will appear.

3. Open Settings -> System -> Display if the Connect window does not appear. Click Link to a Wireless Display by scrolling down.

4. It will now begin searching, and your Android TV will appear shortly. Ensure that your Android TV has the Miracast app open and that both of your devices are logged into the same WiFi network. Then, select your Android TV.

5. Lastly, Windows 10 will mirror your Android TV with its screen. You may play music and have it routed through your TV’s speaker, just like Chromecast. You may play games, open any software (not just Chrome), browse the internet, and a lot more.

6. Press Win + P to adjust the projection mode if you wish to extend your display or set up a second screen.

Screen Mirroring from Windows 10 to Android TV Using Miracast

Hence, you may play any media or games on Android TV while casting Windows 10 to it. You can definitely use your Android TV as a second screen if you have a powerful computer, router, and Android TV. That’s all we have to say, though. Visit our linked guide if you want to discover more such Mi TV tips and techniques. And if you run into any problems, please let us know in the comments section below. We’ll make every effort to assist you.