How to Change Android Boot Animation (Rooted devices)

We all know that practically everything on Android can be customised. There are wallpapers, fonts, icon packs, launchers, and more, but if you enjoy going deeper, you can use different custom ROMs to install an entirely new version of Android. That required your device to be rooted, but root access allows you to do more than that. If you have root access, you can even modify your device’s boot animation. For those who are unaware, the boot animation is the fun welcome screen you see when you turn on every gadget.

Therefore, it is quite simple to modify your boot animation if you don’t like it or are just tired of it. There are two ways to accomplish that:

Method 1:

1. If you don’t already have one, download one of the many reliable options available on the Play Store. You will need a file manager with root explorer functionality for this procedure.

2. Locate the under System->Media in the file management application on your Android smartphone.

Change the name to anything you choose.

3. Download a boot animation that you like from this page or the Android Themes XDA forum. Change the file’s name to after downloading.

Method 2:

4. After that, move the boot animation file you downloaded to the System->Media folder. When you restart your device, the new boot animation will appear in place of the previous one.

You may even download the Boot Animations root software from the Google Play Store to alter your boot animation. This app offers a variety of unique boot animations in addition to other amazing features. There are three tabs in the app: Local, Server, and Randomize. You can add a boot animation file that you just downloaded using the file manager called Local. With Randomize, you may view a different boot animation every time you reboot your device. Server offers a variety of boot animations you can download and install on-the-go.

A new boot animation can be easily installed. The boot animation file will be downloaded and installed if you simply tap on the animation you choose and choose Install. Once you’ve done that, the boot animation you just chose will be used instead.

The software also has capabilities for creating your own custom animations, converting GIFs to boot animations, resizing or altering the FPS of an animation, backing up and restoring data, and more. Basic parts of Boot Animation are free, however you must pay in-app purchases of $0.99 or more to access the Randomize feature, view boot animations, or create your own animations.

Change your Android device s boot animation with ease

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