How to Change App Icons in iOS 15

You should give your iPhone home screen a more appealing appearance. You should use custom app icons on your iPhone in addition to fully configurable widgets to personalise the home screen to your desire. Custom app icons are important regardless of whether you want a monochromatic design, a color-coded theme, or a dockless layout. Allow me to show you how to easily alter app icons in iOS 15 or later if you’re ready to up your customization game.

How to Use Custom App Icons on iPhone Running iOS 15 or Later

What are the Requirements for Creating Custom iPhone App Icons?

The Shortcuts app is more than capable of meeting your expectations if all you’re looking for is a respectable app icon changer for your iOS device without having to spend any money. However, you should acquire third-party icon changers if you wish to have a tonne of unique themes and personalised app icons. While the majority of icon changers are accessible for free, you must pay to the premium version to access all themes.

Change App Icons on iPhone Using Shortcuts App

1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and tap the + button in the top right corner of the screen to begin.

2. Press the + Add Action button now.

Be sure to select the Open App option if it appears under the Next Action Suggestions. If not, proceed to the following action.

3. Next, select Open App from the search results by typing it into the search field at the top.

4. After that, select the app you want to design a custom icon for by tapping on App. I’ll create a unique icon for the App Store.

5. After giving the app a good name, select Done in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Set a Glyph As Custom App Icon on iPhone

The Shortcuts app features a constantly expanding library of objects and symbols that you can use to create a wide range of unique app icons.

  • Tap on the icon located to the left of your App Name and then choose the color for your app icon.
  • Now, tap on Glyph and then choose from a ton of options. Use the custom categories like Objects, Symbols, and People at the bottom to explore different glyphs.
  • After you have selected the desired icon, tap on Done at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Next up, tap the Menu icon at the upper-right corner of the screen and select Add to Home Screen.
  • Do note that you can also show this custom app icon your Apple Watch, pin it in macOS menu bar, and even use it as Quick Action on your Mac.
  • Finally, tap Add at the top right to finish. Your custom iPhone app icon will now appear on the home screen.

Use an Image As iPhone App Icon

You can select to utilise a custom image as your iPhone app icon if you want to further personalise the symbol.

  • Tap the menu icon located at the top right corner of the screen and then choose Add to Home Screen.
  • Now, tap the default app icon and select Choose Photo.
  • It s important to note that if the image is located in the Files app, tap Choose File and then select the image. And if you want to capture an image, tap Take Photo.
  • Next, select an image from the photo library. After that, adjust the image and tap on Choose at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Your image will now be set as your iPhone app icon. Finally, hit Add at the upper-right corner of the screen to finish.

The end! The home screen will now display the icon for the customised app. From now on, tapping this icon will start the app.


  • While this hack works pretty reliably, it will first trigger the Shortcuts app before launching the app.
  • If you wish to open the app without invoking the Shortcuts app, turn off Shortcuts notifications. To do so, head over to Settings app -> Screen Time -> See All Activity -> Notifications -> Shortcuts. Now, turn off the toggle next to Allow Notifications.

Best Third-Party Apps to Create Custom iPhone App Icons

Try out the third-party app icon changes for iPhone and iPad if you want to go all out with customisation. They provide you more freedom to create icons according to your preferences and are packed with a tonne of unique app icons and themes.

1. Aesthetic Kit

For the iPhone and iPad, Aesthetic Kit is a feature-rich app icon changer. It differs from other icon changers since it has a huge selection of icons (more than 10, 000 icons and widgets). As a result, you will have lots of freedom to try new things. Additionally, it includes a strong widget library that you may utilise to create eye-catching layouts.

Install: ($9.99/month, free)

2. Brass: Custom Icons & Widgets

Brass (5+ million downloads) is another app icon changer that is deserving of careful examination. Additionally, it has a tonne of widgets, themes, and custom app icons that you can use to customise the look of your home screen. While Brass is free, you must pay $2.49 per week or $6.99 per month to get all the icons and themes.

Install: (no cost; $6.99 monthly)

3. Icon Themer & Icon Changer

Your one-stop platform for app icons and themes, Icon Themer & Icon Changer, has all the bases covered. With the help of this software, you may change the colour and background of your iPhone app icons. With the well made themes and widgets at your disposal, making a beautiful layout will be a breeze for you. It provides a restricted freemium version and allows you to unlock all the icons and themes through the premium tier ($9.99/month), just as the icon changers described before.

Install: ($9.99/month, free)

Create Custom App Icons to Design Your iPhone and iPad Home Screen

You have it now! So, that’s how iPhone and iPad users can create personalised app icons. As I mentioned earlier, the Shortcuts app is more than capable of enabling you to design attractive app icons for your iOS device. However, third-party icon changes are always available to fulfil your hunger if you desire a wide variety of expertly-designed app icons and themes. In light of this, please provide comments and let us know which iOS icon changer is your favourite.