How to Change Bookmark Icons in Chrome

People that peruse the depths of the internet often use one of the more useful features of web browsers, bookmarking pages, to preserve websites and pages that interest them for subsequent review. However, the favicons that websites use frequently don’t look all that great in Chrome’s bookmark bar. Thankfully, changing bookmark icons in Chrome is simple and possible. So, here’s how to change bookmark icons in Chrome if you’re tired of the standard favicons in your bookmark bar and want to use custom icons:

Change Bookmark Icon in Chrome

You only need a Chrome Extension and the image you want to use as your favicon to change the bookmark icons in Chrome. Favicon Changer is the name of the addon I’ll be using, and it’s a great tool. Simply follow the instructions below to modify a bookmark’s favicon in Chrome:

  • Add the Favicon Changer extension to Chrome.
  • If you already have the image you want to use as the new bookmark icon, you can skip this step. Otherwise, look for an image that you want to use. You can use websites such as freefavicon to get free to use favicons.
  • Go to the website that you want to bookmark. If you ve already bookmarked it, just open it in a new tab. Then, click on the Favicon Changer icon in Chrome. Here, select if you want to change the favicon for the entire site, or just that particular page.
  • Then, click on Browse , and select the image that you want to use as the new icon in Chrome.
  • Once you re ready to change the icon, just click on Change .

Now, both the website’s favicon and the icon for the bookmark will be modified. The bookmark’s original icon may be replaced with any image you like.

You can quickly and simply change the bookmark icons in your Chrome bookmark bar to anything you like by using the Favicon Changer Chrome Extension. You can utilise a variety of alternative Chrome Extensions, such as I Hate Your Favicon, to accomplish the same goals (free). The most user-friendly Chrome extension for changing bookmark icons is Favicon Changer, nevertheless. I find it annoying that your Favicon requires the user to know the URL of the image they want to use as the new bookmark icon.

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Easily Change Bookmark Icons in Chrome

Have you ever wished to modify Chrome’s bookmark icons? What instrument did you use? Please give Favicon Changer a try and let me know what you think. Additionally, if you are aware of any other approaches to customising the bookmark icons in Chrome, please share them with me in the comments area below.