How to Change Google Assistant Voice and Language on Android, iOS

In the beginning, Google Assistant just had one voice (female), one language (English), and one accent (American), but it has since grown to give a variety of voices in many languages. Google has added various accents, including British and Australian, at least for English. The fact that it can all be customised is the finest part. It indicates that you can alter your phone’s default voice via the Google app’s Settings section. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to modify Google Assistant’s voice and language on an Android phone, an iPhone, or an iPad.

Change Voice and Language of Google Assistant

Regardless of the language and location your Google app is set up for, updating voice and language options for Google Assistant should be the same. However, the precise amount of choices may differ from one region/language to another. Also keep in mind that if you use the same Google account across all of your Google Assistant devices, the voice setting will be applied. So let’s look at how to modify Google Assistant’s voice and language on Android and iPhone/iPad today.

On Android Devices (Smartphones and Tablets)

Using the Google app or a voice command, you can modify the voice and language options for Google Assistant on Android devices. To get started, adhere to the procedures described below.

Change Voice

  • Open the Google app on your Android phone. Now click on More (three dots) at the bottom-right corner, and on the next page, select Settings.

Note: On your Android smartphone, say Hey Google, open Assistant Settings to directly access the Assistant settings by voice command.

  • On the settings page, select Google Assistant. Then scroll down a little and select the Assistant Voice options under All Settings.
  • Here, you can change the voice settings of Google Assistant. Google uses colors to denote Assistant voices instead of names, and Red is the default setting for English. There are ten options available for my device, including Cyan, Green, Amber, Orange, and more. Swipe on the circles to slide through the voice options and select the one that catches your fancy.

Change Language

  • Navigate to the Google Assistant Settings page (More > Settings > Google Assistant) as described above. Then scroll down a bit and tap on Languages. To change the primary language, tap on the first option [1]. To add a second language, tap on Add a Language [2] and take your pick.
  • The pop-up menu for language selection will look similar to what you see below.

Note:In Google Assistant, local Indian languages like Marathi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Urdu, Gujarati, and Kannada may only be selected as the default language.

On iPhone and iPad (iOS/iPadOS)

Both iOS and Android users can easily alter the voice and language of the Google Assistant. On iOS, though, you may access the Assistant settings via the Google Assistant app, unlike on Android. Voici how to do it:

Change Voice

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Assistant app. At the top-right corner on the home page, tap on your profile image. Then scroll down and select the Assistant Voice option.
  • Just like on Android, you can select your favorite voice on the next page.

Change Language

  • Open Google Assistant on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on your profile icon and go to the Languages option under All Settings. Choose a language on the next page.

You have the same ability to choose up to two languages as on Android. The Google Assistant can be spoken to in either language, but not both at once.

Personalize Google Assistant Voice and Language to Your Liking

Since its first release in 2016, Google Assistant has spread to practically every country in the world. It now supports over 30 languages and is accessible in over 90 countries. Over 500 million people use the voice assistant each month, according to a 2020 research. It’s possible that this number has increased during the past few months.

Now that you are aware of how to modify Google Assistant’s voice and language settings, you may use it. Just be sure to enable the Guest mode on Google Assistant to safeguard your privacy.Since you love your Google Assistant, check out our article on how to use it on Android TV.