How to Change iPhone Name

Apple labels your device iPhone when you set it up, possibly to keep the naming convention straightforward. While this generalisation is acceptable in terms of names, it frequently leads to confusion, especially if your home contains several iPhones. You could frequently wonder which device is yours when exchanging data using AirDrop or Personal Hotspot. Thank goodness, changing the name of an iPhone is simple. If that’s what you’re after, allow me to demonstrate how simple it is to rename your iPhone and iPad.

Quick Ways to Change the Name of Your iPhone and iPad (2022)

The name of your iOS device can be changed in a number of ways. The simplest approach may be found right in the Settings app, but you can also quickly change the name of your iPhone from a computer. Aside from that, we’ve also covered how to change the name of your Bluetooth accessories, which is useful if you want all of your gadgets to sync together.

It’s crucial to understand that altering the device’s name has no impact on how you use it or modifies any settings already in place. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about any consequences.

Where Do You See Your Device s Name?

Let’s start by identifying the locations where the name of your device occurs.

  • AirDrop

When someone tries to exchange files via Apple’s file-sharing protocol, AirDrop displays your device name.

  • Find My iPhone iPhone/iPad

The name of your device is displayed in Find My, a tool for tracking a lost or stolen gadget. For the connected device to be tracked, you select your name.

  • Personal Hotspot

It’s most likely the main reason why you might wish to rename your iPhone. Your device’s name appears when you or anyone else tries to connect to the Personal Hotspot of your device.

  • iTunes

When you connect your iPhone with the media library, iTunes displays the name of the device.


You should see a list of your synchronised Apple devices when browsing your online Apple ID account. The names of the connected devices are unique.

Change the Discoverable Name on iPhone and iPad

It’s as simple as it gets to change the name of your iPhone via the Settings app.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad to begin. Then, select General by scrolling down.

2. Next, press Name after choosing About.

3. After that, click the X button directly next to the name of your device. Enter the name of your iPhone or iPad after that, and then click “Done” to confirm the change.


  • If you wish to customize the device s name to your heart s liking, tap the emoji icon on the keyboard and then choose from a plethora of emojis to personalize the name.

Change the Name of iPhone and iPad Using iTunes

I doubt many of you are aware that you can also change the name of your iPhone or iPad using iTunes. The procedure is quite easy.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer first, then open iTunes.

2. Next, select the iPhone/iPad icon in the window’s upper left corner.

3. Next, click the name of your device in the sidebar, enter in the name, then press Return to finish.

Change the Name of a Bluetooth Accessory on iPhone and iPad

Make sure your Bluetooth accessory is active and connected to your iPhone or iPad before you begin.

1. Go to Bluetooth in the Settings app on your device.

2. Press the I button next to the attachment.

3. Next, select Name, select the X button, add a new name, and then select Done to confirm.

Change the Name of Your iOS and iPadOS Device With Ease

To alter the name of your iOS or iPadOS device, follow these simple steps. I assume you just breezed through the process because it is fairly simple. If you found this article useful, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy reading our extensive collection of very cool iPhone shortcuts and hidden iPhone tips and tricks. Make sure to learn these tricks so you can improve your experience overall and eliminate many annoyances.