How to Change Minecraft Skin on Java, Bedrock, and MCPE

Minecraft skins provide a lot of potential for customization, whether you want to blend in with a cunning disguise or dress yourself as your favourite character. To see how diverse and potent the skins in this sandbox game can be, check out our list of the best Minecraft skins. If you don’t know how to alter your Minecraft skin in-game, none of it will help you. The same Minecraft skin doesn’t have to be installed every time you want to use it. Instead, you must employ one of the numerous techniques available in Minecraft Java and Bedrock to alter your skin. Having said that, let’s move on and find out how to modify your Minecraft skin in 2022 without further ado.

How to Change Minecraft Skin (2022)

On the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, there are different ways to change the skin. But for your convenience, we have covered the simplest methods for using skins on all platforms that are supported. They allow you to quickly switch between the numerous free and premium Minecraft skins. This guide’s parts describe how to switch your Minecraft skin on consoles, mobile devices, and desktop computers. So let’s get started.

How to Install New Skins in Minecraft

You must first obtain your skin in-game before changing it. A tutorial on how to obtain skins in Minecraft is currently available. This tool lets you keep a selection of skins on your platform and swap between them as needed. It is technically possible to change your Minecraft skin using the same way, however doing so might require you to reinstall the same skins every time you want to use them. So let’s look at how to update cached Minecraft skins in order to avoid that repetitious process.

Change Skins in Minecraft Java Edition (Linux, Windows, and Mac)

The skin changer is integrated into the game launcher in the most recent version of Minecraft Java. So start by launching the Minecraft launcher and let’s play.

1. Ensure that the Java edition is selected on the left side panel of the Minecraft launcher. Next, select the Skins tab from the top menu.

2. The launcher will now display every skin you’ve ever used in a game and give you the opportunity to add new ones. The skin you are now sporting in the game will be indicated by the largest skin model on the left side.

3. Hover the cursor over a certain skin to equip it or change into it. You will be given the chance to use and update it if you do this. Once you click the use button, your new skin will be ready in a little while.

Things To Keep in Mind When Changing Skins

The Java edition has some limitations when it comes to switching between or using skins, in contrast to the Bedrock edition. These consist of:

  • The skins uploaded on your Minecraft profile using their online portal aren t saved in the launcher.
  • The launcher is dependent on the platform. So, you can t find your saved skins from one Java platform on other Java platforms even if you are using the same account.
  • Only currently used skin gets synced across platforms for the same Minecraft account.
  • Java edition doesn t support transparent skins. It replaces the transparent blocks in skins with black color.
  • You have to relaunch the game each time you change a skin for it to activate.

Change Skins in Minecraft Bedrock (PC, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch)

The skins in Bedrock Minecraft are significantly simpler to manage than in the Java version. You may apply the same technique across all platforms that support the Bedrock version because of its synchronised ecosystem. Even better, this technique operates on the Minecraft 1.19 beta. So let’s examine how it operates:

1. To get started, launch the Minecraft Bedrock game and click the Dressing Room button in the lower right corner of the screen.

2. The dressing room now displays all of your custom characters with the physique and skin modifications you’ve made throughout the game. However, we are actually here to change the skin of Minecraft. Therefore, select the green hanger icon located in the left sidebar. When you hover over the icon on a PC, the name will show as Classic skins.

3. Next, all of your in-game skins will show up in the dressing room’s Owned area. There will be a separate column for any skins you have bought from the Minecraft shop in that section.

4. Select the skin by clicking on it in Minecraft Bedrock to switch to it. Then, click the Equip button that is placed beneath the description of the skin in the right pane.

Install Skins in MCPE on Android and iPhone

You may change skins in Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) for Android and iOS in addition to consoles and computers. Additionally, the new Minecraft Preview app supports this technique. So start your game, and let’s play.

1. On the homescreen of the Minecraft app, tap the Dressing Room option in the bottom right corner.

2. Next, tap the third icon on the left menu in the changing room. The hanger is agreen-colored.

3. In this changing area, tap the dropdown menu to reveal the Owned column. Then, it will display all of your manually uploaded and purchased Marketplace skins.

4. Finally, tap the skin you want to wear from the selection of skins that are accessible. Next, press the Equip button. It can be found beneath the description of that specific skin. By doing this, you’ll force your player’s Minecraft skin to match your current preference.

Change Minecraft Skin: FAQ

How Can I Sync New Skins?

To sync skins across all platforms that support Minecraft Bedrock, users only need to check in with their Microsoft account on the Bedrock edition. The skins on the Minecraft Preview and Beta editions, however, might not be compatible with the standard versions.

Where Can Transparent Skins Be Used?

The Bedrock editions are the only ones with transparent skins. Therefore, they are only compatible with Windows, consoles, and mobile devices that run the Minecraft Bedrock edition. Transparent Minecraft skins can be changed using the same techniques after uploading them.

How Should I Use Capes With Skins?

You cannot manually import skins with a cape, unlike standard skins. However, players may readily obtain a wide variety of both free and paid Minecraft cape alternatives from the market. For the time being, gamers of the Java edition must rely on special occasions and Minecraft mods to obtain in-game capes.

For switching, How Do I Save Skins?

For automatic saving in the Bedrock version, you must import your skin into the changing area. The same skin will immediately appear on other devices if your Microsoft account is logged in. To save a skin in the Java edition, you must submit it to the Minecraft launcher.

Easily Change Minecraft Skin on PC, Console, and Mobile

That is all there is to know regarding storing, modifying, and equipping your Minecraft skin across all platforms. You may basically save an infinite number of skins in the game and quickly switch between the ones you like because there is no cap on the amount of skins. However, some multiplayer servers may prohibit skin switching because it interferes with the strategy of the game. Therefore, before changing your Minecraft skins in multiplayer mode, review the server regulations.

Having stated that, in order to modify them, skins are required. Fortunately, you can choose from some of the coolest Minecraft skins that we have already gathered. Additionally, some of these greatest Minecraft female skins may be the best option if you’re looking for something wholly original. Regardless of the skin you select, it’s now simpler than ever to change them in-game. But let us know in the comments which skins you’re using!