How to Change the Default Download Location in Windows 11

Windows organises and keeps all of your downloaded files in a Downloads folder. You must be familiar with the Downloads folder if you’ve ever downloaded a file from the internet. While the majority of users don’t alter the downloads folder’s default location, Windows does give you the option to do so. This article has instructions on how to modify Windows 11’s default download location.

Change Downloads Folder Location in Windows 11 (2022)

What is the Default Downloads Folder Location in Windows 11?

Windows places the files you download from the internet in a folder called Downloads. All of your downloaded files will by default be located in the following location:


Following the steps outlined below, you can modify Windows 11’s default download folder:

Set Custom Location for Downloads in Windows 11

1. Use the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut to launch File Explorer

Press Win+E, choose Properties from the context menu, then choose the Downloads folder in the fast access window.

2. Select a location for saving all of your new downloads by clicking the Move button on the Location tab.

3. Navigate to the newly created downloads folder from the file picker interface and select Folder.

4. To validate the changes, click Apply next. Your new downloads will now be located in the folder you selected.

5. After this, Windows will prompt you to transfer all downloaded files to the newly created downloads folder. Click Yes if you want a single location to store all of your downloads. You can decide to omit this step and begin anew in the new folder.

Change Downloads Location For Microsoft Store Apps

6. To set username>Downloads as the default download destination in Windows 11, click the Restore default button and select the previous location for downloads.

You may also modify the download location for apps that you download from the Microsoft Store. Follow these steps:

1. To examine storage-related settings, use the Settings app and click on Storage under System.

2. Expand Advanced storage settings under the Storage management section, then click Where new content is saved.

3. A box titled “New apps will save to” will now appear. To choose a different location for app storage, click on the dropdown menu below the header.

Choose Downloads Folder in Windows 11

4. You can now select a different PC disc to save apps that you have downloaded from the Microsoft Store.