How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

Windows 11 is a feature-rich operating system with a beautiful interface, which is nothing new. However, despite the significant improvements brought by Windows 11, it is resource-hungry and can soon overtax an outdated machine to the point where it becomes unusable. You might be wondering if something similar exists for Windows 11 if you read our recent piece on Tiny 10, a stripped-down version of Windows 10. You’re in luck, though, since it does! The lightest version of Windows 11 that we’ve found so far can run on even the oldest computers. So grab a pen drive and follow along as I demonstrate how to install Windows 11 Lite on your computer.

Increase or Decrease Tick Speed in Minecraft (2022)

While demonstrating how to install Windows 11 Lite on your computer, this article will also answer any crucial queries you might have in the FAQ section. Use the table below to jump to that and read it first if you’d prefer.

What is Tick Speed in Minecraft

We’re going to install the Windows 11 Lite 21H2 build, which was created by YouTuber Neelkalpa’s Tech. The Windows 11 Lite build is essentially a condensed version that only includes the files required for the OS to function. The major benefit of this build is that it can function on devices with memory and storage capacities as little as 256 MB and 10GB, respectively.

  • The world border gets updated
  • Weather, sleeping, and day-time logic changes
  • Mobs try to spawn
  • In-game events are processed
  • If it has been 6000 ticks, the game auto-saves.

How Tick Speed Changes Affect In-Game Mechanics

The majority of the resource-intensive effects, including some users’ favourite quick animations, have been eliminated from this edition of Windows 11 Lite, as you might expect. Additionally, you won’t discover any other common Windows applications, such as Windows Defender, the Microsoft Store, or Xbox Services, to mention a few. Windows 11 Lite is expected to be faster and less power-hungry as a result of their removal. Continue reading if you find the idea of a lightweight Windows 11 appealing. We’ll walk you through the installation process.

Even though you might want to install this Windows 11 build right away, there are a few things you need first. Look through the list below, and be sure you check each item off.

  • Spread and burn out of the fire
  • Growth of crops and saplings
  • Spread of plant blocks
  • Melting of snow and ice
  • Stages of turtle eggs
  • Oxidation of copper
  • Campfire smokes
  • Changes in some block states

How to Change the Random Tick Speed in Minecraft

Turn On Cheats in Minecraft

You cannot install Windows 11 through Microsoft since this is a custom ISO file. Thankfully, the author has made downloading it extremely simple. To obtain the ISO file, go to the creator’s YouTube channel (visit) and view the associated video. Keep the Windows 11 Lite ISO file on your desktop after downloading it. The password, techbyneel, will be required when you extract the file.

This ISO image must be flashed into a pen drive for installation, much like other ISO images. Rufus is a tool that we’ll need to make a bootable USB device (Get). Just download it and have a pen drive on ready for the subsequent steps.

Use Commands to Change Tick Speed

You will need a partition on your PC for this Windows 11 Lite build whether you cleanly install it or merely dual-boot it. Let’s create one first so we may utilise it in the Windows 11 Lite setup before moving on. For this, I’ll use a typical Windows 11 computer. The instructions are listed below and are the same for users of different versions of Windows.

1. Press Win+R on your keyboard to launch the Run window in Windows 11. Enter diskmgmt.msc into this field. The Disk Management window will appear.

2. Your hard drive and its pre-made partitions will now be visible. Either you need to seek the unallocated space, which is shown as being black, or you need to decrease a volume to get some. Choose any option from the context menu when you right-click on the partition you don’t require. Simply right-click an existing partition and select Shrink Volume to shrink one. Select Shrink from the box that appears after that.

3. Right-click on the available space and select New Simple Volume.

4. Complete the setup wizard, giving your drive a name and a letter. For simplicity, I’m calling it Windows 11 Lite. The other settings can stay as they are.

The new partition will be created after you click Finish in step 5.

We are almost there now that the partition has been established. In the following stage, let’s begin to burn the Windows 11 Lite ISO image.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Windows 11 Lite ISO image will now be burned onto a pen drive for installation. If you’ve previously installed Rufus using the instructions above, plug in your USB and proceed with the procedures below.

1. Start by launching Rufus on your PC. Make sure your USB drive is selected by selecting it from the drop-down menu next to Device.

2. Select your ISO file by clicking the Select button next to Boot Selection.

3. Open the directory where your build is located. In my situation, I did it on a desktop. Select it, then click “Open.”

4. Click the Start button now. No other parameter needs to be altered.

5. Click OK to allow Rufus to format your pen drive.

6. The duration of the process may range from 2 to 10 minutes, depending on your PC. Once finished, you can press Close to eject your pen drive after viewing the following message.

And we’re all set to go. As we move on to the actual installation of Windows 11 Lite, continue reading below.

Learn Minecraft Random Tick Speed Commands

Let’s now install Windows 11 Lite on our computer. Connect the pen drive to the target PC and turn it off before we start. Once finished, proceed with the following.