How to Change Your Discord Status

You can modify your online status in Discord so that your friends can decide when it is appropriate to get in touch with you. You can change your status to do not disturb, idle, and online (DND). If you want to keep your gaming activities hidden from prying pals, you may even make your Discord status invisible. You still have full access to all of Discord’s features, though. The procedure for updating your Discord status on desktop and mobile has been described in depth.

Change Discord Status (2022)

What Do All the Discord Status Icons Mean?

The user’s current status on Discord is represented by their status icons. Online, Idle, Do Not Disturb, and Invisible are the status settings that are readily available. And this is what each status icon’s colour denotes:

1. The green indicator on Discord signifies a user’s online status.

2. The yellow moon emblem denotes inactivity. After a period of inactivity, Discord automatically sets the user’s status to idle.

3. The red icon denotes the do not disturb mode, and when it is active, notifications are disabled.

4. When you set your status to Invisible, you will appear offline, but it’s important to note that you will still have full access to all of Discord’s features. Your profile icon will appear as a grey, hollow square.

5. If a user is streaming on Twitch on YouTube, you will notice a purple indicator next to these.

Change Your Discord Status on Desktop/ Website

1. Launch Discord and click on your profile picture at the bottom of the screen, to the left of your username.

2. A pop-up window with the opportunity to modify your Discord status will now appear. Choose the option that best suits your needs, and you’re good to go!

Set a Custom Status on Discord Desktop/ Website

1. Another option on Discord is to make a personalised status. To access the status creation interface, select Set a custom status from the pop-up menu.

4. On the following screen, you can configure the status to disappear after 30 minutes, an hour, four hours, or a day. You can also add an extra emoji. To confirm the changes, click Save.

5. On your Discord homescreen and the side panel of the servers you are a part of, your unique status will show up below your name. Your Discord profile, which you can personalise to your preferences, will also display your status to other Discord users.

6. You only need to click the X button next to your custom status in the pop-up box that appears when you click your profile picture to remove your Discord status.

Change Your Discord Status on Mobile (Android, iOS)

1. To access user settings, open the Discord app and touch on your profile picture in the bottom navigation bar. Select Set State after that, then select a status from the list. Do not disturb, invisible, online states.

2. To set a custom status on Discord, click Set a custom status, then enter your status and an optional emoji icon in the textbox. After selecting the duration of the custom status, touch the Save icon to specify when Discord should clear your state.

3. Tap on Set Status once more, then press the X button next to your custom status if you want to delete it before the expiration period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Discord revert to an offline position automatically?

Yes, Discord will set your status to idle when you aren’t using the app for a long and aren’t actively using it. When you shut down the software on your laptop or mobile device, your Discord status is changed to offline.

A: On Discord, can you detect whether someone is invisible?

On Discord, there is no way to determine whether a user is invisible or actually offline.

On Discord, can you pretend to be unavailable to a single user?

You can’t now appear offline to certain persons in Discord. Your Discord status will be visible to everyone if it is set to invisible.

Can you detect whether someone read your Discord message?

No, read receipts are not available in Discord. To find out if the other person read your letter, you will have to wait for their response.

Why are there different coloured icons next to my Discord avatar?

There are five different coloured icons next to user avatars in Discord. The yellow moon icon denotes inactivity, whereas the green icon represents online status. The purple icon indicates the person is streaming on Twitch or YouTube, while the red icon denotes the do not disturb mode. When a user’s status is set to invisible or grey, it indicates that they are either offline or unavailable.

Keep Friends Updated with Discord Online Status

So that’s how you can modify your Discord online status. I appreciate that Discord enables users to switch their status to invisible so they can keep using the application without feeling compelled to respond to the never-ending barrage of pings and messages. We advise you to look at how to install Discord themes and read our selection of the best Discord themes before changing your Discord status.