How to Change Your Name on Zoom (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & Web)

With Zoom, changing your profile name is comparatively simple and accessible from desktop, mobile, and the web. In reality, you may change your name on Zoom while you are currently in a meeting in addition to signing in with a new name to join sessions. Both alternatives are accessible online, on desktop and mobile devices, and on mobile devices. So let’s look at the quick and easy steps for changing your name on Zoom.

Change Your Name on Zoom (Updated May 2021)

Whether you are using the desktop software, the mobile app, or the internet, we will demonstrate how to alter your name on Zoom in this article. Also, we’ll go over how to alter your name from the global settings or even in the middle of a meeting. Hence, without further ado, let’s begin:

Change Your Zoom Name Permanently From Settings

With the help of its website, desktop client, and mobile apps for Android and iOS, Zoom makes it simple to change your user name. Voici how to do it:

Using Zoom Website

  • Firstly, sign in to Zoom (website link) on a desktop browser of your choice and go to the Profile tab from the left sidebar. Now, click on the Edit button next to your name.
  • On the next page, you can either change your display name, your user name, or both on Zoom. Finally, hit Save to apply the change.

Using Windows or Mac Desktop App

  • Open the Zoom Windows client and sign in if you are not signed in already. Now click on the Settings button (gear symbol) at the top-right corner.
  • On the settings page, select Profile on the left sidebar and then click on Edit My Profile on the right panel.

You’ll now be taken to the online page where you can update your name. This is due to Zoom’s discontinuation of allowing name changes on the desktop client. To update your display name, log in to the Zoom website and complete the steps outlined above. The Zoom Mac client follows the same procedure.

Using Android and iOS App

Both the Android and iOS mobile apps for Zoom use the identical procedures for changing the display name. Here, we show how to do it on an Android device:

  • Firstly, open the app and tap on the Settings tab (gear icon) at the bottom-right corner. On the Settings tab, click on your profile image or name. Then, on the next page, click on Display Name .
  • You can now change your Zoom display name. You can also change your First Name and Last Name if you want. Once you are done, tap on Save at the top-right to save your preferences. Restart the app to see the new name on the profile page.

Change Your Name During a Zoom Meeting

Regardless of the platform you are using, you can even change your name on Zoom while a meeting is already in progress. The procedures for changing the Zoom name on the website, the Windows and Mac clients, and the mobile apps are described in this section.

Using Zoom Website

  • To change your name on the Zoom website after you join a meeting, firstly click on the Participants button at the bottom of the Zoom window.
  • Now hover your mouse cursor over your name in the Participants list on the top-right corner, and click on Rename .
  • In the pop-up box, enter the name you want others to see in the Zoom meeting and then click on Save .

The end! The other participants in the Zoom conference may now see your updated name.

Using Windows or Mac Client

  • To change your display name on the Windows or macOS client while you are in a meeting, click on Participants at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the slide-out panel on the right-side of the Zoom window, hover the mouse pointer over your name, and click on More .
  • Then, click on the Rename button.
  • Finally, enter the new name on Zoom and click on OK to save your changes. You can also checkmark the Remember my name for future meetings option if you plan on joining other meetings with the same name in the future.
  • Your new name will now appear in the Participants window and will be visible to other participants.

Using Android or iOS App

  • To change the Zoom name on your phone while you are already in a meeting, first tap on the Participants button at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, tap on your profile name.

Note:To reveal the choices bar if you can’t see it at the bottom of the screen, tap on an empty space.

  • Now tap on Rename on the pop-up box, and enter the new name you want to use on Zoom in the text field. Finally, tap on OK to save the changes.
  • Once you restart the app, your new name will appear inside the Participants list and will be visible to everyone.

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Change Your Zoom Username on Any Device

Regardless of the platform you use for meetings, we hope our instruction will help you easily alter your display name or username on Zoom. In this article, we’ve covered how to alter your name on Zoom before joining a meeting, in the waiting area, and during a meeting. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section below if you run into any issues. We’ll do our best to respond as soon as we can.