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In the blocky world of Minecraft, accuracy necessitates a lot of work. This is particularly true given that most blocks only carry out one function at a time. A blast furnace is used to smelt ore, just as a stone cutter only produces stone blocks. But if you know how to build a campfire in Minecraft, you can significantly increase the game’s block utility. It is the ideal tool for many tasks, like lighting up Minecraft bases and cooking food. In this article, we’ll go through how to make a campfire and all of its applications. So let’s get to learning how to create a campfire in Minecraft without wasting any time.

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The interactions between the campfire and other game elements in Minecraft are incredibly varied. To learn more about each of them, use the table below. Let’s first understand how to make a campfire and a soul campfire and what makes them different.

A campfire is a fire-based block that you can use in Minecraft to prepare food, as a source of light, and even to send smoke messages. It closely resembles a campfire that burns wood to maintain itself in the outdoors. But in Minecraft, the campfire serves as an endless source of fire, unlike in the real world.

Additionally, a campfire variation is included in Minecraft. It bears the recognisable turquoise flames that are frequently seen in the nether realm. The variations between the standard and soul campfires have been explored later in the guide.

The following places in Minecraft have naturally occurring campfires: Taiga villages, Snowy Taiga villages, and Ancient Cities. The campfire is simple to extinguish by hand or with a tool. The game doesn’t automatically generate the soul campfire. It can only be made manually following the procedures outlined below.

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You can trade with locals to get a campfire if you can’t find one in the communities. Regular campfires are sold by the villager fishermen at the apprentice level in exchange for emeralds.

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To create a campfire in Minecraft, you’ll need the following materials:

The logs are the simplest of these goods to acquire. In Minecraft, all you need to do to quickly obtain logs is break a tree. The same log can then be used to readily create planks and eventually, sticks.

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You can substitute stem blocks, stripped logs, and stripped wood for ordinary logs in the crafting recipe for a campfire.

Utilize our Minecraft ore distribution strategy to locate coal in the game quickly. To build a campfire, all we need is one piece of coal. If, however, you are having trouble locating coal, you can make charcoal by smelting any wooden log within the furnace.

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Coal and charcoal serve as the fire’s fuel sources. But neither is superior than the other in terms of efficacy. Therefore, feel free to use whatever one is simpler for you to obtain.

Soul soil is required as the fuel block if you wish to create a soul campfire. You must first create a Nether portal and enter the Nether dimension in order to locate this block. You can quickly find soul dirt here with a little exploration. The turquoise flame burning on it is the best indicator of soul soil.

You can also locate soul soil in the ancient city if you have a compelling reason not to go to the Nether. But until you know how to take down the Warden, we won’t advise you to take such a big risk.

Three logs must initially be placed in the bottom row of the crafting area of a crafting table in order to create a campfire in Minecraft. The bottom row should be completely filled, as shown below. Place sticks in the second row on either side of the main cell with coal or charcoal. Last but not least, set a stick in the first row’s centre cell, directly above the coal or charcoal.

The following is how your crafting recipe should seem to create a campfire:

Place the soil sand block in the centre cell of the crafting area, on the other hand, if you wish to create a soul campfire. The remainder of the recipe is unchanged. When your campfire is ready, you can start it with flint and steel or a fire charge.

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The following distinctions exist between the soul campfire and the conventional campfire in addition to the visual ones: