How to Check Apple TV Remote Battery

The Apple TV remote (Siri Remote) has a rechargeable battery, and since it can operate for several months between charges, you won’t typically need to think about it. Here’s how to quickly check the Apple TV remote battery, though, whether you’re just curious about your Siri Remote’s battery life or unsure of whether you should charge it.

How to Check, Charge, and Change Apple TV Remote Battery (tvOS 15/16)

Even though the Apple TV displays a warning when the remote’s battery drops below 20%, let’s look at how you can manually monitor the amount of battery life left on your Apple TV remote.

How to Check Apple TV Remote Battery Percentage Level

You can easily monitor the Apple TV’s battery status thanks to the settings app’s dedicated Remote section.

  • First off, launch the Settings app on your Apple TV.
  • Now, choose Remote and Devices.
  • Next, select Remote.

Here, you can see how much of the Apple TV remote’s battery is left.


  • It s important to note that if your Siri Remote is charging, a lightning bolt icon will appear to the right of the Remote.
  • However, if your Siri Remote is not charging, a bar inside the battery icon will display the relative charge level.

How to Charge Your Siri Remote

The Siri Remote may be charged with the utmost simplicity. You might have the older Siri Remote (the one with the huge touchpad), or the new Apple TV Remote, depending on the model of your Apple TV (Apple TV 1st gen, Apple TV HD, Apple TV 4K, etc). (the aluminium one, shown on the left in the image below). However, each of these remotes charge in the same manner, regardless of the Apple TV model you own.

1. To begin, attach one end of a Lightning cable to the port found on the Siri Remote’s bottom.

Image courtesy: Apple

2. After that, attach the other end of the cable to a computer USB port or a USB power source and allow your remote to charge quietly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple TV Remote Battery

  • How Long Does Siri Remote Take to Get Fully Charged?

Typically, it takes Siri Remote three hours to fully charge (but occasionally it just needs two and a half hours). You must therefore be patient with it. The advantage is that you can keep using your Siri Remote while it charges. Alternatively, you can operate the Apple TV with your phone while your remote charges.

  • Can You Charge Your Siri Remote With Your iPhone or iPad Cable?

You can, indeed. The Lightning connection on the first and second generations of the Siri Remote allows it to be charged using the same Lightning cable as your iPhone or iPad.

  • How Do You Change the Battery in Your Apple TV Remote?

A replaceable CR 2032 button cell battery is included with the original white or metal Apple TV Remote. As a result, replacing the battery in your original Apple TV Remote is simple. Most general merchants carry the CR 2032 button cell battery, and you may also get one online.

Unfortunately, Apple prohibits battery replacements for its first- and second-generation Siri Remotes. The preferable option is to get a replacement if the Siri Remote cannot sustain a charge for a longer period of time.

  • Can I add Apple TV remote battery to the Battery widget on iPhone?

The iOS battery widget does not allow you to monitor the remaining battery life of your Apple TV remote. As of right now, only gadgets attached to your iPhone, such as AirPods, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, etc., appear on the iOS battery widget.

Check Your Apple TV Remote Battery Easily

So that’s how you can monitor the Apple TV Remote’s battery life and charge it. It’s fantastic that you can just charge the Siri remote with a Lightning cable once every few months instead of having to purchase batteries for it. And now that you know how to check the Apple TV remote’s battery level, you can make sure you always have plenty of juice. Additionally, you can play great Apple TV games with the Siri Remote and play tvOS games on Apple Arcade by connecting a controller to your Apple TV.