How to Check Battery Health on OnePlus Devices

Following the BatteryGate incident, Apple introduced a new feature that displays the battery life of iOS and iPadOS devices to users. On Macs running MacOS Big Sur, it also had the same battery health feature. As much as I despise Apple for disguising its business tactics, I am glad that customers can now see how their Apple gadgets’ batteries are doing.

I adore this new feature, therefore the fact that Android still doesn’t natively support it makes me very upset. I don’t see why businesses need to file a lawsuit in order to give people additional information about the products they own. Thank goodness OnePlus is releasing this feature before Google does. I’ll demonstrate how to check the battery health of OnePlus smartphones in this article.

Check Battery Health on OnePlus Devices

The OnePlus Diagnostic software will be used to examine the condition of the battery in your OnePlus smartphone. On the more recent OnePlus smartphones, the app is pre-installed. However, you can manually install it if it isn’t already installed on your device. In order to cover all the bases for this tutorial, we will assume that the app is not already loaded on your device. Having stated that, here are the steps:

Note: Verify that your phone has the ability to install unknown APKs enabled. To achieve this, turn on the option for the browser you’ll be using to download the APK by going to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Special app access -> Install unknown apps.

1. Because the OnePlus Diagnostic app cannot be downloaded from the Play Store, we must sideload it. Click here to get the APK for the OnePlus Diagnostic app.

2. Tap the APK to confirm installation after the download is complete.

3. Open the app, then select View battery status from the menu. Under Battery state, you can see your phone’s battery here.

Know When to Replace your OnePlus Smartphone s Battery

This useful function will let you know when the battery in your OnePlus device needs to be changed. You don’t need to replace your battery if the status indicates that it is healthy or normal (more than 80% capacity). For the performance and longevity of your smartphone, you should carefully consider replacing the battery when it starts to demonstrate poor performance (or below 75%).

All OnePlus smartphones running Android 6.0 or higher can use the app. That indicates that it will function on all OnePlus smartphones, both before and after the OnePlus 3. It will therefore function whether you are using a OnePlus 5, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, or the most recent OnePlus 8 Pro.

Examine the condition of your phone’s battery and let us know if it needs to be replaced or not.