How to Check Battery Level of Bluetooth Headphones, Keyboard and Mouse in Windows 10

Most laptop users have always been concerned about battery life, but unlike in the past, the issue is no longer just with the computer. It’s crucial to constantly check the battery life of wireless peripherals like keyboards, mouse, and headsets because they require intermittent recharging as well. Therefore, we will demonstrate how to check the battery level of wireless peripherals, such as headphones, a keyboard, and a mouse that connect to your Windows 10 laptop over Bluetooth, today.

Check Battery Level of Bluetooth Headphones, Keyboard and Mouse in Windows 10

Windows 10 has made it incredibly simple to check the battery life of Bluetooth peripherals and accessories, such as keyboards, mouse, and headphones, starting with build 1809. In this post, we’ll explain how to use Windows 10 to check the battery life of your Bluetooth devices, such as your mouse, keyboard, and headphones.

Note:Only smartphones with the capability can use the battery-level checking feature. Although many entry-priced headphones, mouse, and keyboards today allow you to check the battery level through Windows and other operating systems.

  • To check the battery level of Bluetooth devices in your Windows 10 computer, first connect the target device to your PC. Now open Settings (Windows key + I) and click/tap on Devices.
  • On the left pane of the Devices page, select Bluetooth and Other Devices [1]. On the right, scroll down and find your headphone [2] under the Audio section. You will see the battery level indicator next to the device name.
  • On the same page, there s also a section called Mouse, Keyboard & Pen that will show you the battery level of your Bluetooth-based input devices, including supported keyboards, mice or stylus.

The end! In Windows 10, determining the remaining battery life of associated Bluetooth devices is that simple.

Easily Monitor Battery Level of Paired Devices in Windows 10

Wireless gadgets’ use and reliability depend on their power efficiency. What good are high-quality headphones if you can only use them for a few hours before they shut off? A wireless keyboard is also useless if it needs to be plugged in frequently because this will seriously disrupt your workday. You can rest confident, though, that you won’t ever be caught off guard by a keyboard, mouse, or headphone battery issue now that you know how to check the battery level of your Bluetooth devices and accessories.

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