How to Check Your Instagram Reels Watch History

There are occasions when you might want to see an Instagram Reels comedy or recipe again. However, there isn’t an official function on Instagram that allows you to easily keep track of all the Reels you’ve viewed there. To find the Instagram Reels you’ve seen, there are two efficient options. To learn how to view your Instagram Reels viewing history, continue reading.

Check Your Instagram Reels Watch History (2022)

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View Instagram Reels You Have Liked (Android, iOS)

Your liked Reels are one way to keep track of your Instagram Reels watch history. To return to a Reel later, check out the posts you liked. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Launch the Instagram app and navigate to the profile page. Select Settings by tapping the hamburger menu (horizontal three-line menu) in the top right corner.

2. Press the search bar on the Settings page, type “Manage Likes,” and hit the result. The Likes section on Instagram has been relocated from Account -> Posts You’ve Liked to Manage Likes.

3. All of the recent postings that you liked will now be visible to you. In order to maintain track of your Reels watch history, you may find the Reels that you’ve loved here.

4. You may also sort and filter your liked posts on Instagram. Tap the Sort & filter option in the top-right corner to begin.

5. Your favourite posts can now be sorted from newest to oldest and from oldest to newest. To browse liked posts from a specified time period, you can also enter start and finish dates. When looking for Instagram Reels you liked in a specific month, this might be helpful.

Check Saved Instagram Reels to Track Watch History

Additionally, you have the option to store Reels you find intriguing. It requires more work than simply liking a post, but doing this makes it easier to categorise the Reels you want to watch later. To create a watch history, save Instagram Reels as follows:

1. Tap the vertical three-dot menu and select Save to save an Instagram Reel. The Reel can now be found in your section of saved posts.

2. Go to your profile section, touch the hamburger menu in the top-right corner, and choose Saved to access your saved Reels.

3. All of the posts you have saved on the platform will now be visible to you. To view all of your saved posts, tap on All Posts. After that, you can view all of the reels you’ve saved thus far by switching to the Reels tab.

4. You can also compile a list of your preferred Reels. Tap the Add icon, pick the videos, and give the collection a name to do that. Your new collection will be shown on the Saved section’s home page. This can be used to compile Reels with related themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

To check my Reels viewing history, can I download my Instagram activity?

When you request your Instagram information, your watch history won’t be available. Instead, the history of the Reels you have submitted to the platform will be visible in the reels.html file you download from Instagram.

A: Is it possible to view the Reels you’ve viewed on Instagram?

Reels on Instagram lack a native watch history feature. As a workaround, you can check your saved and loved reels to view your history of reels watched.

How can I watch Instagram Reels again?

To replay an Instagram Reel later, like it and locate it under the Manage likes option.

Check your Instagram Reels Watch History

These are the two methods you may use to view your Instagram Reels watch history on iOS and Android. Although it’s not simple, liking or bookmarking Reels are useful solutions for later revisiting a brief reel you enjoyed. If you are a budding artist in the meantime, don’t forget to look through our list of the greatest Instagram Reels tips and tricksto get the most of the feature.