How to Clear Cache on Kodi on Any Device

Kodi is a great programme for organising and streaming all of our media content. However, there are occasions when we experience problems such as persistent buffering, poor streaming, and frequent hang-ups. Even if you have a really quick internet connection, Kodi can occasionally run into issues because of the cache files. When this occurs, deleting the cache prevents Kodi from becoming obstructed. Regularly deleting the cache also makes Kodi remarkably quick and responsive. I’ll thus outline two quick techniques in this article for you to delete the Kodi cache on your device.

Note: We evaluated both approaches and determined that they were effective. To remove the cache on Kodi, you can employ any approach.

Clear Cache on Kodi on Any Device in 2020

Kodi lacks a native way to clean the cache or get rid of any useless data. There are, however, some add-ons that work fairly effectively. I installed the required add-ons using two well-known repositories, SuperRepo and TVAddons. Using either the Merlin Wizard or Indigo add-on, you can delete the cache on Kodi. You can use either of the two add-ons because they are both fairly good.

These add-ons can be installed on any Kodi device, so you can use them to clean the cache on Kodi for Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and, yes, even the iPhone. Let’s learn how to clear Kodi cache to make it faster and more dependable without wasting any more of your time.

Clear Cache on Kodi Using Merlin Wizard Add-on

1. A special Kodi repository is required to download the Merlin Wizard add-on. Get the SuperRepo repo by clicking here. 2. Open Kodi now, then select the Add-ons tab. Select Install from ZIP file in this window.

3. A window for a file browser will open. Select the SuperRepo ZIP file by going here and selecting the download location. Kodi will immediately install the repository.

4. Click Install from Repository on the Add-ons tab once more.

5. Select SuperRepo Repositiries [Krpton][v7] on the following screen.

You have now entered the SuperRepo repository. Open SuperRepo All [Krpton][v7] by clicking on Add-on repository from this page.

7. Click the Install button at this point, and wait for the installation to be finished.

8. Return to the Add-ons menu and click the Install from Repository button once more. Open SuperRepo All[Krypton][v7] this time.

9. Select Program Add-ons from the following screen.

10. Locate Merlin Wizard by scrolling down.

11. Launch Merlin Wizard and select Install from the menu.

12. Click the Open button once the installation is finished. Wait a while as the Merlin Wizard starts its process.

13. Select the Tool Box icon on the Merlin Wizard page.

14. To clear all the cache that has built up behind Kodi, click the Clear Cache button. After clearing the cache, the status will become “Healthy.”

15. After that, you have the option to delete both packages and thumbnails. Please be aware that deleting a thumbnail will force Kodi to close.

16. When finished, press the Exit button twice. You’ve now successfully cleaned Kodi’s cache.

Clear Cache on Kodi Using Indigo Add-on

We first require TVAddons repository in order to have Indigo add-on. Get the repo by clicking here.

1. Right-click Kodi and select the Add-ons tab. Select Install from ZIP file in this window.

2. Next, find and open the downloaded ZIP file on your computer. Installing the repository will happen immediately.

3. Click on Install from repository on the Add-on tab once more.

4. Open the TVAddons repository here.

5. Next, select Program Add-ons.

6. Next, select Indigo from the list and then open it.

7. At this point, click the Install option.

8. Click the Open button once the installation is finished.

9. On the first page, click Maintenance Tools.

10. Kodi will finally give you the choice to erase the cache.

Clear Cache and Enjoy Kodi Without Any Issues

To completely clear Kodi’s cache, select Clear Cache. There are further alternatives available to you. You’ve now successfully cleaned Kodi’s cache.