How to Collaborate on Instagram Posts and Reels with Other Creators

With the introduction of its new Collab function, Instagram is making post collaborations simpler than ever. You may easily collaborate with other creators (or your friends) on the platform using this function to share feed posts and Reels with each other’s fans. This tutorial will show you how to cooperate with another creative and share your posts and Reels on Instagram using Instagram’s Collab function.

Use Instagram Collab to Co-Author Posts and Reels (2021)

What is the Instagram Collab Feature?

A thoughtful new collaboration tool on the site is called Instagram Collab. You may include a collaborator in your feed posts and Reels with Instagram Collab. Yes, you may include one contributor in your content and no more. By doing this, you may share a post with both your own followers and the followers of your collaborators without making a second post. You may use it to collaborate with pals and upload pictures and videos from your most recent hike or theme park vacation, even though it was designed with creators and companies in mind (as is the case with new Instagram features these days).

How to Invite Someone to Collab on Instagram

1. As you normally would, start a new Instagram post or reel. Before publishing it, tap on Tag People. Then click the Invite Collaborator option that appears beneath the image or video.

Keep in mind that only public accounts will have access to this button. While the other person will receive an invite and can accept it even if they have a private account, you must have a public account to start a collaborative post.

2. You will see a search box to seek for usernames and invite collaborators shortly after pressing Invite Collaborator. In the search results, enter the username of the person with whom you would like to collaborate, and then tap on their Instagram profile.

3. After selecting the collaborator, a collaborator tag will appear next to the marked person’s username. The caption can now be added, and the post can be shared. To learn how to approve an Instagram request for a partnership, read the section after this one.

How to Accept Collab Invite from Instagram Users

1. The second user will receive a notification asking them to accept the invitation shortly after the first user publishes a collaborative post. Request that the collaborator tap on View Invite in their Instagram DM.

2. You will now be sent to the post that the other creator just uploaded on Instagram.

To accept or reject a request for collaboration, click the Review button in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you agree to work together on a post on Instagram, it will be shared with your followers and appear on your profile.

How to Stop Sharing Collaborated Posts on Instagram

3. When you accept the cooperation request, as you can see below, your username will also be shown next to the post’s original author. This feature might mark the next development in brand collaborations, product debuts, and photoshoots.

1. If you change your mind, you can decide to stop working on the post with the other person and stop sharing it with your followers. To stop sharing, open the post and select Stop Sharing by tapping on the vertical three-dot icon in the top-right corner.

Easily Collaborate on Instagram Posts and Reels

2. Tap Stop Sharing in the confirmation pop-up to deactivate your participation in this Instagram post.