How to Connect iPhone to Windows 11 using Phone Link?

While iOS devices have dominated the smartphone market, Microsoft still holds 74% of the market share for the greatest operating system for PCs and laptops. Unquestionably, a sizable number of users are combining the two. However, the communication distance between iOS and Windows is the fundamental issue. You should be aware that there is no single means that can link your iOS device directly to your Windows computer if you utilize both operating systems.

Users are therefore forced to experiment with a variety of workarounds in order to share some data between the devices. But by adding iOS device functionality to its Phone Link software, Microsoft has finally ended all the stalemate. The Windows Phone Link app has been available for some time. But up until this point, iOS devices were not supported. Finally, the news that Microsoft would release an updated program that supports iOS changes everything.


If you’ve ever used the Phone Link app on your PC, you should be aware of how it seamlessly connects your phone and computer. Likewise, the option for iPhones is now available. Users may now utilize both devices at once, communicate data faster, and work more productively as a result of this upgrade. Do you want to know how to use Phone Link to connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 computer? To aid you through the entire procedure, we have included a step-by-step tutorial in this post.

Steps to Link iPhone to Windows 11 using Phone Link

Microsoft announced the release of their updated Phone Link software on February 28, 2023, along with expanded support for iOS devices. Then, only a small number of individuals associated with the Microsoft Insiders Program were given access to the software. However, consumers want to use the app to make their lives easier now that Microsoft has made the update widely available to everyone. So, here’s how to use the Phone Link app to connect your iPhone to a Windows 11 computer.

  • Click on the Start button and search Phone Link query.
  • Open the app, and you will see an interface like this. Simply click on iPhone to connect your Windows device to your iPhone.

  • Click on Turn ON Bluetooth.
  • Now, scan the QR on your iOS device to download the companion app.
  • Launch the Phone Link app on your iPhone and confirm the code to pair the devices.

  • Lastly, confirm all the required permissions on your Windows machine to connect it to your iPhone.

Keep in mind that the QR code is only valid for three minutes. As a result, if the time limit is over, you must restart the application and create a fresh QR to pair the devices.

Final Words

That is all you need to know to use the Phone Link app to connect your iPhone to a Windows 11 device. This addition, which will make it easier for everyone to connect their gadgets, was undoubtedly needed. What makes Microsoft such a huge success is, above all, how it keeps things simple for its consumers. The brand-new Phone Link app has the same traits. You will be finished in no time at all if you just take these two simple steps. Please let us know your thoughts on the information and any further questions you may have.

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