How to Connect TikTok to Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

A TikTok video’s captivating background music, in addition to the lip-smacking artistry, is what makes it so. Therefore, always remember to use a more appropriate soundtrack when making a humorous clip, especially if you intend to bombard social media. Speaking of adding catchy music to your video, wouldn’t it be ideal if TikTok could be connected to Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad so you could access your complete media library straight from the video-sharing app? Yes, I suppose that would be wonderful. If you decide it’s worthwhile to test it out, allow me to lead you through the simple steps.

How to Connect TikTok to Apple Music on iOS

First and foremost, make sure TikTok is installed on your iOS device in the most recent version. The procedure is really simple and can be used from both the default settings app and the video-sharing app. Therefore, you are free to select whichever method suits your needs the best. You may effortlessly disconnect the app from Apple Music whenever you wish to.

Allow TikTok to Access Apple Music Using In-App Settings

1. Start your device with TikTokon.

2. Click the profile tab at the bottom.

3. Next, tap on the little dots at the top right corner that are arranged horizontally.

4. Next, tap Accessibility by scrolling down.

5. Click Connect to Apple Music after that.

6. A pop-up message stating that TikTok wants to access your media collection, music, videos, and Apple Music will now appear on the screen. Please provide us access to your Apple Music so we can choose a sound from your library. To confirm, tap on OK.

The end! From now on, you may directly access your Apple Music from the sound area of TikTok. As a result, you may employ some of your favourite songs to liven up the whole thing when you want to give your lip-syncing videos a little extra x-factor.

Allow TikTok to Access Apple Music Library Using Settings App on iOS

You may also give the video-sharing app permission to access your Apple Music via the Settings app.

1. Select TikTok from the Settings app on your device.

2. At this point, turn on the Media & Apple Music option.

Stop TikTok from Accessing Your Apple Music

You may easily prohibit TikTok from accessing your media collection and Apple Music if you ever want to. You must utilise your device’s default settings app to complete the task this time.

1. On your device, open the Settings app and choose TikTok.

2. At this point, deactivate the Media & Apple Music switch.

Connect TikTok to Apple Music With Ease on iOS

Therefore, that is how you may connect TikTok to Apple Music. The video-sharing app has grown immensely popular among those who enjoy making and watching short films despite being embroiled in a number of issues. I like how parental controls have been implemented, which makes it a little bit safer for youngsters to use the app, even though there are still many places for improvement. What are your thoughts on this social media app? Please let us know your thoughts and any areas that could use improvement.