How to Convert Any Doc to PDF on iPhone/iPad: No Third-Party Tools Required

From a security and practicality standpoint, PDF is still my preferred file type for sharing documents, especially in a work setting. Thanks to the accessibility of doc to PDF converters and editors while using a computer, distributing any file as a PDF becomes quite simple. However, because iOS lacks such native features, that is not the case. But, there is a simple workaround for iPhone and iPad that successfully converts any document to PDF. We’ll also demonstrate how to annotate PDF files. Hence, if you frequently work with portable document formats on iOS, you should put this clever hack on your radar right away.

Turn Any Doc into PDF on iPhone and iPad

I’m aware that there are doubts floating around in your head about how possible this hack is or something along those lines. So let’s first resolve it!

So, Does This Trick Involve Any Catch?

Nope. Although while iOS doesn’t have a built-in PDF converter, this sneaky method can easily pass for a native app. Literally. So how does it function? Well, it involves the iOS’s long-standing native built-in printing feature. As a result, you can conduct it even on an older model of iPhone or iPad from the early days. In terms of the procedure, it would be best to go through everything step-by-step. So with that said, shall we begin?

1. Start by going to the document you wish to convert to a PDF file from.

2. Click the Share button now.

3. Then, on the share sheet, choose the Print option.

Note: If the Print option isn’t visible, click here to adjust the share sheet to your liking.

Note:The Print option can be found in the bottom row of the share sheet if your smartphone is running an older version of iOS.

4. Next, disregard the print option and simply zoom out on the preview thumbnail to convert the document to PDF right away.

5. Next, select the “Share” option located in the top right corner of the screen.

6. Choose the Save to Files option to store the PDF file in the default file manager application.

Note:You are free to export the file using alternative methods if you so choose.

7.Save the file at the location you want, and you’re ready to go!

Annotate PDF on iOS and iPadOS

With the built-in markup tool, you can annotate your document once it has been converted into a PDF. You can customise your PDF files using a variety of annotating tools available on iOS.

1. Just click the tiny markup symbol in the top right corner of the PDF file after opening it on your device.

2. You can now edit your PDF with a wide range of tools available at the bottom. To move back and forth, there are undo/redo buttons in the top right corner.

3. To add text or a signature, select the desired choice by tapping the Plus button in the bottom right corner. To complete, tap Doneat in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Turn Any Doc into PDF on iPhone and iPad

After you have figured out the method, you can use it to quickly convert a document to a PDF file on an iOS or iPadOS device. I can attest to its dependability because I have used it for a while. Apple’s mobile operating system has a number of helpful tricks up its sleeve, such as the ability to set the light background in Apple Notes while in dark mode and display the most recent message on top in the default mail programme. Have you discovered any tips you’d want to share with us? Please feel free to leave it in the section below.