How to Copy and Paste on a Chromebook

You’ve come to the correct place if you recently purchased a new Chromebook in 2022 and want to master the fundamentals, beginning with how to copy and paste on a Chromebook. We’ll examine the many methods for copying and pasting text, photos, links, files, and folders on a Chrome OS device in this post. Additionally, if you use Linux on Chrome OS, we have added a few methods to help you copy and paste on Chromebook Terminal. Finally, for advanced users who want to be as productive as possible, we even incorporated the built-in Clipboard History feature and some potent third-party clipboard managers. Let’s discover how to copy and paste on a Chromebook in 2022 once that has been said.

Copy and Paste on Chromebook (Updated July 2022)

First, we have described how to copy, cut, and paste on Chrome OS using conventional keyboard keys. Following that, we went over how to copy and paste Linux commands into the Terminal application. If you are familiar with these keyboard shortcuts, you should check out the great features in the Clipboard History area. Let’s now go over the fundamentals.

1. Copy Text, Images, Links, Files, and Folders on a Chromebook

On Windows computers, copying is done in a manner similar to that. The item can be copied by simply pressing the Ctrl and C keyboard shortcuts together. Any item can also be selected by right-clicking and choosing Copy. The shortcuts listed here will enable you to copy and paste on a Chromebook without using a mouse.

  • Copy Shortcut: Ctrl + C

2. Paste Text, Images, Links, Files, and Folders on a Chromebook

Again, pasting on a Chromebook is very similar to doing so on a Windows computer. Simply simultaneously press the Ctrl and V keys. A different option is to right-click and choose Paste from the context menu. On a Chromebook, you can copy and paste using this method.

  • Paste Shortcut: Ctrl + V

3. Paste Text on Chromebook without Formatting

When reading and writing from different sources, we occasionally don’t want to carry the text with its built-in formatting. In that situation, you can utilise this clever shortcut to paste texts onto a Chromebook without any formatting. I’m sure you’ll find it to be a really helpful shortcut.

  • Paste as Plain Text Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + V

4. Cut Text, Images, Links, Files, and Folders on Chromebook

By simultaneously hitting the Ctrl and X keys, you can also cut and move text and files. In addition, you can right-click any item and choose Cut.

  • Cut Shortcut: Ctrl + X

5. Copy and Paste Images on Your Chromebook

You must utilise the same keyboard shortcut for texts and files if you want to learn how to copy and paste photos on a Chromebook. To copy and paste a picture into any folder, press Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, respectively.

An alternative is to right-click the image and select Copy. Additionally, to paste it, simply right-click on an empty area of any folder and select Paste.

6. Paste Images & Screenshots Directly In a Media Field on a Chromebook

One of my preferred Chromebook copy-paste shortcuts is this one. For instance, if you wish to take a screenshot, you may simply paste the image into any media area, such as the compose box in Gmail or an image editor on your Chromebook. A lot of time and clicks are saved by this simple solution.

Basically, the OS copies the image into its clipboard whenever you take a screenshot on your Chromebook. You may then paste the screenshot wherever you want.

  • Paste Screenshot Shortcut: Ctrl + V

7. Copy and Paste Commands on the Linux Terminal in Chromebook

You should be familiar with these useful keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting commands if you frequently use the Linux Terminal on your Chromebook. In Chrome OS, selecting a line of code with the mouse or touchpad is the best way to copy it. Simply choose the command, and it will be automatically duplicated. There is no need to take any quick cuts.

Similar to how you may paste a command, all you need to do is right-click on the Terminal and it will be added straight away. This is how simple the procedure is. Of course, you can also utilise keyboard shortcuts. On your Chromebook Terminal, simply click the standard copy or paste shortcut.

  • Copy Linux Command on Chromebook: Ctrl + C
  • Paste Linux Command on Chromebook: Ctrl + V

By selecting Settings from the context menu when you right-click on the Linux Terminal, you can adjust the behaviour of copy and paste. Scroll to the bottom and select Keyboard and Mouse.

8. Clipboard History: A New Way to Copy and Paste on Chromebook

After discussing the conventional methods for copying and pasting content on your Chromebook, allow me to introduce you to a potent brand-new feature called Clipboard History on Chrome OS. You can quickly copy multiple texts, images, links, or screenshots using this tool, and Clipboard History will keep track of the five most recent copies.

You can choose the right item from the list and paste it directly into the input area whenever you wish to paste something. It is comparable to the feature known as Clipboard History that is available in Windows 10 or Windows 11. You can look at the third-party clipboard managers I’ve included below if you don’t like the restriction of just five copied objects.

1. Native Clipboard History Tool on Chromebook

As previously mentioned, Chrome OS now offers a Clipboard History function. You may just hit the Search + V keyboard shortcut to launch the tool if you are running Chrome OS version 86 or higher (which is likely the case). Visit our post on how to enable Clipboard History on a Chromebook for more information.

The Clipboard History feature is fantastic since it retains track of the previous five copied things, including both text and images. Press the keyboard shortcut, choose the appropriate item, then press enter to instantly paste it into any text or media field. You won’t have to search through dozens of pages to get the most recent copied time, which will save you a tonne of time. It’s clever, isn’t it? By the way, you can also open the Chromebook’s Clipboard History function by right-clicking and selecting Clipboard.

2. Clipboard History Pro

One of the best copying and pasting applications for Chromebooks is Clipboard History Pro. Multiple texts can be copied and pasted using the right-click context menu. It works in most OS contexts and integrates fairly well with Chrome OS. You will need to pay to use the page widgets and floating mode features of this Chrome addon. Additionally, this one does not accept photos, which is a disappointment, unlike the native Clipboard History too.

Install (Starting at $1, Free)

Learn How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook Like a Pro

That concludes our in-depth discussion of the Chromebook and the many methods for copying and pasting information. You can learn how the procedures are carried out from start to finish by using the keyboard shortcuts and the instructional stages that we have included. Additionally, we have covered copy-paste shortcuts for the Linux Terminal. Additionally, read our description of the built-in Clipboard History feature and the third-party Chrome extension if you want to copy-paste on a Chromebook like a pro.

That’s all we have to say, though. Visit the article we’ve linked to for more tips and tricks about Chrome OS. You may discover the steps in the linked page if you wish to use the recently introduced system-wide noise cancelling capability on a Chromebook. Finally, let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries.