How to Craft and Use Boat with Chest in Minecraft

The discussions around the Wild update are currently restricted to the new Minecraft mobs. But owing to the recently introduced boats with chests, all of that is about to change. This brand-new component combines two in-game entities. The idea seems simple and obvious on the surface, yet its application can completely alter a situation. There are many things you may do here, from traversing distances to creating new Redstone machines. We are only beginning to explore their potential because the majority of the community is still learning about them. Maybe you’ll be the one to push them forward. Let’s now learn everything there is to know about using a boat with a chest in Minecraft.

Boats with Chests in Minecraft 1.19 (2022)

The fundamentals of boats and chests will be discussed initially. With the aid of the table below, you can, however, skip ahead to the instructions for creating the boat out of a chest and its applications if you’d like.

Items Required to Make a Boat and Chest

You don’t need to overthink this step because all you need to build a boat with a chest in Minecraft is a boat and a chest. However, the following is required to manufacture those two items:

  • 13 Wooden Planks (any type of overworld wood)
  • 1 Wooden Shovel (crafted with 2 sticks and a wooden plank)
  • Crafting Table

Once you have everything you need, you can begin creating the two things that are necessary for this method. So get ready and open the crafting table.

How to Make a Boat in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you need a shovel and five wooden planks to build a boat. Every plank needs to be made from the same kind of overworld wood. Planks must initially be positioned in the bottom row of the crafting area once you have these supplies. After that, add two more boards to the second row, leaving the centre block unoccupied. Your boat is now ready; simply place a shovel in the middle cell of the crafting area.

The sort of wood you choose for the planks will determine the colour of the finished boat. In the Bedrock edition, building a boat is also doable without a shovel. But if you’re interested in learning more, you may refer to our comprehensive guide on how to build a boat in Minecraft.

How to Make a Chest in Minecraft

There are numerous chests and other storage blocks in Minecraft. You can have barrels, shulker boxes, ender chests, and imprisoned chests. But in Minecraft, you can only utilise an ordinary wooden chest to create a boat. You simply need eight wooden boards to build that. You must utilise the same kinds of planks as in a boat, albeit they are not required to come from the overworld.

8 planks must be placed in the crafting area along the boundary cells in order to create a chest. The only vacant cell in the crafting area should be the middle one. Your chest will then be prepared and ready for you to drag to your inventory. The colour of the chest will remain the same regardless of the type of plank utilised.

Crafting Recipe of Boat with Chest

The simplest crafting recipe in Minecraft is for boats with chests. You need only put a chest and a boat in the crafting area to follow in the name of this entity. This dish has no additional preparation at all. These two objects can be put in any cell. In fact, a crafting table is not even necessary. A chest in your inventory can also be used to create a boat, much like other 2-ingredient preparations.

Types of Boats with Chests

Do not overexcite yourself. The only difference between boats with chests is in their colours. Different types of chests cannot be used. However, you can combine any in-game watercraft with a wooden chest. The finished boat will have the same shade of wood as the raw material. In light of this, the kinds of boats with chests you can create in Minecraft are as follows:

  • Oak Boat with Chest
  • Spruce Boat with Chest
  • Birch Boat with Chest
  • Jungle Boat with Chest
  • Acacia Boat with Chest
  • Dark Oak Boat with Chest
  • Mangrove Boat with Chest

Be aware that the new biomes included in the Minecraft 1.19 version include mangrove timber and boats, among other things. As a result, you won’t find them in older game versions.

How to Use the Chest on Your Boat

In most situations, using the boat with a chest is similar to using a regular boat and a standard chest. The boat moves normally when you are seated inside of it, but you cannot immediately access the chest from the boat. Instead, in order to examine the contents of the chest, you must hit the inventory key (E key).

On the other hand, if you are outdoors, you can hold the crouch button and reach the chest without getting in the boat. The chest functions like a typical chest in that circumstance. Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s go over some more features of this new Minecraft feature:

  • When you destroy the boat, its chest gets automatically destroyed dropping all the items from its inventory.
  • The chest doesn t affect the speed of the boat in any way. Nor does the items in the chest.
  • If you have a chest on your boat, you can t have two riders on it. It takes up the slot of the second rider.
  • Other mobs and players can also ride the boat with a chest. So, if the seat is filled, you can t ride that boat unless you kill that entity or break the boat.

Boat with Chest and Hoppers

As you are already aware, a boat with a chest is a fantastic means of storing and moving goods. However, you may also use the same boat to transfer stuff from a chest into a hopper. Simply move the boat while it is atop a hopper. The objects will then be immediately sucked into the hopper and moved into a chest.

The boat carrying a chest is treated by the hoppers like a dispenser. Additionally, if you have a good strategy, it might work with Allay’s autonomous Minecraft farms. Items can be transported to the Allays using the boat with a chest, who can then quickly pick and sort them.

When is Boat with Chest Coming to Minecraft?

With the release of the Minecraft Beta, boats with a chest were first introduced to the game. As of March 2022, users of the Minecraft wild update beta and Minecraft preview update can immediately access them. The formal launch of the Minecraft 1.19 update is still a few weeks away for other gamers.

Craft Boat with Chest in Minecraft Today

Minecraft’s inclusion of a boat with a chest is evidence that the game’s creators are paying attention to user feedback. This feature has been a long-time goal for players. Who knows what more fundamental yet crucial feature we might receive next. However, some of the best Minecraft mods might give you early access to new features if you can’t wait for the devs. To run any of them, though, you must first install Forge in Minecraft. However, only gamers using the Java edition can use this fix. The finest Minecraft maps might have a better chance of incorporating exclusive features for Bedrock gamers.

Having said that, gamers on both editions of the game will be able to experience the new features once the update is available on all platforms. How are you going to use a boat with a chest in your Minecraft world in light of that? Tell us in the remarks section below!