How to Create and Scan Spotify Codes

Spotify is without a doubt one of the top music streaming services in the world, with over 31% of the global market share. It is easier for Spotify users to share songs with their friends and family because of its cross-platform accessibility. While Spotify allows users to share tracks via song URLs, there is a clever way to create graphics that resemble QR codes so that you may share your favourite music. Here’s how to create Spotify Codes and use them to share songs in 2022 and beyond. Spotify Codes are a handy tool.

Make and Scan Spotify Codes (2022)

What is a Spotify Code?

Users of Spotify can share songs, playlists, or artists by scanning a QR code using the Spotify Codes function. The QR code-like image can be scanned by other users using the Spotify app on their mobile devices. The desktop app, web player, and mobile apps for Spotify all allow you to create these shared codes. The generated Spotify codes can only be scanned using the mobile app; other QR code scanner apps will not work.

Create Spotify Code using the Desktop App (Windows and Mac)

1. Open the music you want to share from your library in the Spotify desktop app or web player. Next, select Share -> Copy Song Link from the menu with three horizontal dots next to the song listing.

2. After copying the song’s URL, navigate to the Spotify Codes website (visit), paste the URL in the textbox, and select Get Spotify Code.

3. A scannable Spotify code for the song you requested will now be generated by the website. The tools located on the right side of the page allow you to alter the backdrop colour, bar colour, size, and image type (SVG, PNG, or JPEG). Click Download to save the Spotify code after you’re done.

Create Spotify Code Using the Mobile App (Android and iOS)

On Spotify’s mobile app, getting to the code is quite simple. The Spotify code can be found in the pop-up menu by simply clicking on the vertical menu with three dots next to the song. If you want to share the Spotify code with a friend, you can select to take a screenshot of it.

How to Scan a Spotify Code

After creating a Spotify code, you should learn how to read QR codes with the Spotify mobile app.

1. Hit the search icon located in the bottom navigation bar, then tap the top search field. Now, the search box that appears on the screen should include a camera symbol in its upper-right corner.

2. Point your camera at the Spotify code and press the Scan button that now appears. Select the code by tapping the Select from images option if you have it in your phone’s gallery. You will be redirected by the Spotify app to the song, artist, podcast, or playlist that the scanned Spotify code points to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain Spotify codes?

Spotify codes can be generated via the desktop client, web player, or mobile app. In this article, we have described how to create Spotify codes.

Is it prohibited to resell Spotify codes?

It is against the terms and conditions of Spotify Codes to resell Spotify codes as goods without authorization. You can submit your intended use for permission to

Do tattoos with Spotify codes function?

Yes, people have had Spotify codes inked on their bodies. If I were you, I would seek out a qualified tattoo artist who has experience placing Spotify code tattoos.

Try Spotify Codes to Creatively Share Songs

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