How to Create Custom Emojis for Your Discord Server

There are times when the built-in emojis are simply insufficient, and you can’t even locate the ideal GIF to express your emotions. Due to the capability for custom emojis in Discord, you don’t need to worry about any of this. To make interactions more enjoyable, Discord lets you upload and use your own unique emoticons on servers. This post will teach you how to make and add personalised emoticons to your Discord server if you’re wanting to brighten up your server.

Create Custom Emojis for Your Discord Server (2021)

Custom emojis are frequently used on Discord servers, but if you have a Discord Nitro subscription, you may also use them in direct messages. Now that we have that out of the way, here is all you need to know about Discord’s support for custom emojis.

What is a Custom Emoji on Discord?

To better express oneself, use custom emojis in Discord. These emojis come in both static and animated varieties. To your Discord server, you may freely post up to 50 static and 50 animated emojis. To utilise animated emojis on Discord, you and the other users of the server must have Discord Nitro. Additionally, sending emojis between servers is available with a Nitro subscription.

As was already indicated, your server comes with 50 free emoji slots by default. You gain 50 more emoji slots if a Discord server unlocks Level 1 perks (2 Nitro enhancements). This means that you will now have a total of 100 emoji slots available. Additionally, Level 2 servers (15 Nitro boosts) receive 150 slots, while Level 3 servers (30 Nitro boosts) receive an incredible 250 slots.

Steps to Create Custom Emojis for Discord

Before you proceed to design unique emoticons for your Discord server, there are a few things you should bear in mind. Keep in mind that emoji images must be 128 by 128 pixels and cannot be larger than 256 KB. So with that said, let’s get started.

Choose the photo you wish to use for your custom emoji and crop it to a 1:1 aspect ratio. Any photo editing software should work in place of the FastStone Image Viewer that I am using in this instance.

2. Once the image has been cropped, resize it to 128 128 pixels and save it as a PNG. You can now utilise your emote.

Photoshop or well-known websites like can be used to remove the backdrop from your Discord emoticons if you wish them to have a transparent background. For thorough methods, see our guide on removing backgrounds from photographs without Photoshop.

Easiest Way to Collect Discord Custom Emojis

If all of those processes seem too laborious, you may simply choose the best emojis from already-existing Discord servers. The adage “good artists copy, great artists steal” is true. Here’s how you can actually draw inspiration from stylish emoticons on current servers. Be aware that this solution is only compatible with the online and desktop apps for Discord. This is not possible with the Discord mobile app.

1. From now on, all you have to do to send an emoji to a server anytime you see one you like is right-click on it.

2. To save the image to your PC when using Discord from a web browser, select Save Image as.

On the Discord web app, save emoji

3. After right-clicking the emote, users of the official Discord client should select the Save Image option.

Upload Custom Emojis to your Discord Server on Desktop and Web

Emoticons on the desktop version of Discord

You only need to head to your server settings to upload these personalised emojis you have so carefully chosen because someone else has already done all the tedious resizing work to add emojis to their own server. Check out the next section to find out how to add personalised emoticons to your Discord server.

You are ready to add your own own emojis to your own Discord server once you have finished creating them. Here’s how to add personalised emoticons to a desktop or web-based Discord server.

1. Launch your Discord server and click the down arrow next to the server name in the top-left corner.

2. Select Server Settings from the list of available choices.

3. Click Emoji in the left sidebar to go to the Server Emoji section, then click the Upload Emoji button.

Upload Custom Emojis to your Discord Server on Mobile

4. After uploading an emoji, give it an alias. Because you will be utilising this shortcut to access the emoji, it is crucial that you set the name that corresponds to it. On Discord, you can rapidly send an emoji by typing the alias between :.

For instance, :umm okay: is the keyword to send the emoji in the image below. To add all of your emojis to the Discord server, repeat these procedures.

Although the methods are slightly different, adding custom emojis on a mobile device is comparable to adding them on a desktop. See the instructions below to use the Android or iOS app to add personalised emoticons to your Discord server.

1. On a mobile device, open your Discord server and hit the vertical menu with three dots next to the server name. On the following page, click Settings.

Best Discord Emoji Maker Websites


2. When you are in Discord’s Server Settings, select Emoji and click the Upload Emoji option at the top of the page.

3. From the file management app on your phone, select the emoji you just made, then hit Upload. To store the customised emoji, enter an alias and click the Save button in the bottom right corner. You can now start utilising the unique emoji you added, together with every other user on the server.

  • Kapwing is a website you shouldn’t miss out on if you prefer making personalised emoticons by combining and matching already existing ones. On this website, you can download personalised emojis or even make your own by selecting the appropriate combinations. The custom emoji you just made will be downloaded to your PC when you click the Download.PNG button. You can visit the website using the link below; it is quite simple to use.

  • MakeEmoji

Another website where you may create unique emoticons for your Discord server is Kapwing. Before exporting the emotes, you may easily add layers, text, and other customizations using the website’s in-browser editor. Once your emoji is prepared, save it to your PC by clicking the Export Image option.


Personalize Discord Server with Custom Emojis

You can upload an image directly to MakeEmoji if you don’t want to manually resize it to create your own personalised emoji. The emoji is then instantly downloadable from the internet. To improve your unique emoji experience, MakeEmoji also provides ready-to-use animated emoticons based on your original image. This ranks it among the top websites for creating Discord emoji.