How to Create Discord Events (Desktop and Mobile)

Discord unveiled a new feature earlier in the year that enables server administrators to organise events on the server. You may easily plan special events for your server using scheduled events, possibly including invited guests as well. The procedures for creating Discord events utilising desktop and mobile apps are covered in full in this article.

Create Events on Discord (2022)

What Are Scheduled Discord Events?

Discord’s feature called scheduled Discord events makes it easy for server managers to plan events for the server and inform users of them. The admins can easily and efficiently plan voice and text channel events in this way.

In order to ensure that you don’t miss out on the event, server members have the option to choose to be notified when it begins. Read on to learn how to plan Discord events if you are an admin or moderator.

How to Schedule a Discord Event on Desktop

1. Open Discord and select the server’s name in the top-left corner. To create a new Discord event, select Create Event from the dropdown menu.

2. To host the event, you can now select a voice channel, text channel, or add links.

Choose Voice Channel if the event is scheduled to occur on the server. On the other hand, if the event is taking place on another video calling tool, such as Zoom or Google Meet, you should choose Somewhere Else.

3. To continue, select the voice channel where you wish to host the event and click Next.

4. You should now include the event’s specifics. The information includes the topic, start date, time, description, and cover photo for the event. Click Next after entering these details.

5. Discord will display a sneak peek of the occasion. After verifying that all the information is accurate, click Create Event to set the event.

How to Create a Discord Event on Mobile (Android & iOS)

6. You can invite others to the event by sharing the event link after it has been created. Please be aware that the invite link will expire in 7 days.

1. Open Discord and select the menu icon with three vertical dots next to the server name. Select Create Event in the pop-up window that just appeared to start a new event.

2. Select your desired speech channel for the event and enter the topic, start date, and duration of the event in the appropriate fields. For the next step, click Next.

Start or Edit Discord Event (Web & Desktop)

3. To schedule the event, click Create Event if everything appears to be in order in the preview. You can send out invitations for the event from the following screen. In contrast to Discord desktop, you can make this link permanent.

1. Click on the event listing in the server’s upper-left corner to open the event section and begin a scheduled event.

2. The event can now be started by clicking the green Start button.

3. To confirm initiating the event, click Start Event from the confirmation popup.

Get a Reminder for Scheduled Discord Event

4. To reschedule the event in case you change your mind, click the three horizontal dots symbol and select Edit Event.

1. You have the option to enable notifications for a forthcoming Discord event as a participant. Click on the event listing in the server’s top-left corner to begin.

2. From the pop-up that displays, select the Interested bell icon, and you’re done. When you do that, Discord will alert you when the event’s host starts it.

How to Join or Attend a Discord Event

3. Another choice is to add the occasion to your calendar. Google Calendar, Yahoo, and Outlook connections are among the options. You have the option of downloading the ICS file and manually adding it to your preferred calendar programme.

1. To join a Discord event that is already going on, click the green Join button in the server’s upper-left corner.

2. To access the listing if you dismissed the active event prompt, click the event indication in the top-left corner.

How to Cancel a Discord Event

3. To join the event, click the Join option on the event listing. You will now enter the server’s voice channel to participate in the event, if it is set up in the voice channel.

1. Click on the event indication in the top-left corner of the server to access the event listing in Discord.

2. To end the event, pick Cancel Event from the horizontal three-dot menu.

Host Events on Discord Servers

3. To cancel the event, click Cancel Event again when the confirmation window displays.