How to Create Polls in iMessage Group Chats on iPhone and iPad

On iOS, the built-in Messages app has a tonne of features. It permits message replies, allows you to tag others, and is secured without a doubt. But one feature that iMessage users are missing out on is the capacity to design polls. Thankfully, there is an app for almost everything thanks to iMessage’s connectivity with the App Store. So, here’s how to do it if you want to make a poll on your iMessage group chat.

Create Polls in iMessage Group Chats on iPhone and iPad (2022)

With the built-in App Store in iMessage, you may download apps that you can use directly from a conversation thread. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make polls in iMessage group chats using a poll creation software. Polls for iMessage is a more dependable and user-friendly option than other programmes that let you add a poll function to the built-in messaging app on your iOS device. At the end of this article, we’ve also listed a few more apps you may use to make iMessage polls.

To navigate and skip ahead to any part that interests you, utilise the table of contents below.

Create Polls in iMessage Group Chats

  • To get started, open the Apple Messages app on your iPhone or iPad and then head over to a group chat.
  • Now, tap the App Store icon in the iMessage app drawer and then hit the tiny magnifying glass icon located next to your profile photo.
  • Next, enter Polls for iMessage in the search bar and then download the app just like any other app.
  • Next up, return to the group chat. After that, swipe towards the left from right on the app drawer to find Polls for iMessage and then tap on its icon.
  • Up next, tap Get Started. Then, type in the poll title and hit Next.
  • Now, add at least two options. You will need to tap Done after each option.
  • Next, tap the Settings icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and then customize your poll settings. For instance, you can allow/disallow everyone to check who voted for each option and allow/disallow others to add options to the poll.
  • Once you have perfectly customized your iMessage poll, tap the back button (tiny arrow) at the upper-left corner of the screen. Finally, hit Send Poll and you are done!

iMessage polls can be downloaded (Free)

Other Notable iMessage Poll Apps You Can Try

You may make iMessage polls using a variety of apps in addition to Polls for iMessage. However, it is our top choice because it is free to use, has a tonne of features, and updates in real time. Here are some other apps you may test out if you want to explore your other polling alternatives for your iPhone group chat.

1. TinyPoll

TinyPoll can be your preferred choice if you require more freedom when establishing and altering polls. You can easily create an iMessage poll using this app, and you may edit it as many times as you like. Additionally, it provides a better way to monitor the voting. Remember that the app’s freemium version only permits you to generate one poll each day (only 3 options per poll). You must purchase a $1.99/year subscription to the pro edition if you want to create an infinite number of polls with up to 5 options each.

Install: (free; full access is available yearly for $1.99)

2. Polls Create Polls in iMessage

You may create polls in iMessage group chats with the needed flexibility with the Polls iMessage app, which is rather straightforward and simple to use. You can personalise your poll and send it in the group chat based on your requirements. To help you quickly determine which way the wind is blowing, the app prominently provides a nice depiction of the vote results. Although this iMessage app is free, to create limitless polls, you must upgrade to the premium version ($0.99/year).

Install: (free, with a yearly fee of $0.99 for the full version)

Use Polls in iMessage on iOS and iPadOS

It’s finished! So be sure to use a poll the next time you’re having trouble deciding on a subject or want to get everyone’s opinion on a proposal. These iMessage apps are straightforward and operate dependably like a built-in function. However, a built-in poll function in iOS 16’s default chat app would be fantastic. What do you think about it? Please let us know what you think. Check out these top iMessage tricks, iMessage games, and interesting sticker packs to liven up texting if you want to use iMessage to its fullest potential.