How to Create Polls on Instagram

For the longest time, Instagram Stories has included a poll option, allowing you a fun way to engage with your followers on the platform. But the polls element has been rudimentary, giving you a choice between just two answers. So, Instagram has finally significantly improved the app’s polls feature. The most recent update from the firm includes the option to generate polls in group conversations along with a number of new features geared toward Instagram’s chat feature. The Stories section now has the updated poll option as well. Having said that, let’s look at the procedures for making polls on Instagram for Android and iOS.

Create Polls on Instagram (2022)

Create Instagram Polls in Stories (Android & iOS)

1. Swipe right from the home screen to access Instagram’s story creation interface. After that, take a photo or start a video recording, and then hit the sticker icon in the top-right corner of the screen. To create a new Instagram poll, hit the Poll button under the sticker tab.

2. With the most recent update, you are no longer limited to two answers and can expand the poll with more choices. Once the necessary option has been added, select Done in the top right corner. The poll will then be added to your Instagram Story after you touch the Your story button. Then, your viewers can tap on the relevant choice to cast a ballot in your poll.

Check and Share Poll Results in Instagram Stories

1. Simply open the Instagram Story with the poll and swipe up to view and share the poll results as a separate Story. Tap Share results from the pop-up menu to open the results as a new Story.

2. You can opt to include extra text, stickers, and other elements from the narrative creation interface. When you are happy, click the “Your tale” button to share the outcomes.

Create Instagram Polls in DMs (Android & iOS)

It’s vital to note that the poll option is only accessible in group chats and not individual DMs before going into how to create and post polls in Instagram chats. Having stated that, let’s look at how it functions:

1. Launch any group chat on Instagram, then tap the sticker icon in the bottom-right corner of the chat window. Tap Poll on the pop-up to start a new Instagram poll in the DMs.

2. At this point, text boxes with the poll question and its accompanying options will appear. After including all necessary choices, click the Create Poll button to share the poll. Any member of the group conversation may hit the Vote button after the poll has been published to submit their vote. You can also cast a vote on it.

3. A pop-up window will display the poll selections. To cast your vote in the poll, select your preferred option and press the Submit button. It’s important to note that you can select several answers, and that anyone in the discussion can submit new answers to the poll.

4. All you need to do is tap the poll option to see the results of the respondents’ votes. You will see the list of participants who selected a particular choice.

Instagram Polls Alternative: Polls Go

You might use a third-party service called Polls Go to build anonymous polls for Instagram. In order to receive responses, you can build polls and share a link for them in Stories or DMs. This is how it goes:

1. Visit the website, name the poll, and tap on Get Started to start a new poll on Polls Go. Tap Add your own question on the following page to launch a new poll.

2. You should now fill up the text boxes with the query and possible answers. When you are finished, click Done adding questions and then, on the following page, click the Copy link button to copy the link.

3. After that, you may ask people to vote by pasting the URL into the group chat. Others won’t know what you voted for since the response is anonymous.

Instagram Polls Ideas

Instagram polls can be used in inventive ways to interact with your followers. Here are some suggestions for your first few Instagram polls:

  • Would You Rather

To find out what your audience would prefer, you might make Would You Rather polls using Instagram Polls. For instance, you may construct a question using the options past and future, such as Would you prefer travel to the past or the future?

  • What s Your Favorite

You might use Instagram’s polls tool, as the name implies, to survey your followers about their choices. For instance, you may question What’s your favourite weather in an Instagram poll. Also include the seasons in the survey.

  • Market Research

Instagram polls can be used by business owners to gauge consumer enthusiasm in new items. It’s as easy as setting up a new poll, outlining the products you want to release, and asking followers to choose their favourite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make Instagram polls for private Direct Messages?

No, the official polls sticker on Instagram is currently only available in group chats. However, you may make personalised polls using platforms like Polls Go or Opinion Stage and send the URL via DMs. Another option is to add three people to a group chat, then remove the third.

A: Do Instagram polls include many options?

On Instagram polls, you can select many items to vote on. In addition, right now anyone can add alternatives to the poll.

A: Are the polls on Instagram private?

Instagram polls are not private; the results and the votes cast by each participant are visible to the entire group.

Survey Friends and Followers with Instagram Polls

One of the only social media platforms lacking a flexible polling option up until now was Instagram. But it has finally updated the poll feature and added group direct messages to it. In actuality, the update was released just a few months after Snapchat made it possible to create polls within the application. While it’s encouraging to see Instagram bolstering its poll feature, the company still needs to work on enhancing it with additions like anonymous polls and option limits, to name just a couple. For the time being, we’ll have to wait and see if the Meta-owned platform intends to eventually add these improvements to Instagram polls. How do you feel? Post your ideas in the comments section below.