How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft Easily

Even with the best protection strategy or sword enchantments, there are times in a Minecraft survival world when it simply isn’t enough. No matter how hard you try, you cannot save everyone in your immediate vicinity. Your villagers may be located, attacked, and turned into zombie villagers by the zombies. Usually, in order to protect themselves, the player ends up killing the zombie villagers, and occasionally the entire village. Fortunately, there is a clever method that we will discover in this guide for shielding and curing your village brethren. Let’s get started by showing you how to treat a zombie villager in Minecraft.

Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft (2022)

Both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft may use this technique. Additionally, we tested it on the Minecraft 1.18 update, so you can be confident in its compatibility. Use the table below to jump to specific steps and details if you are familiar with the fundamentals.

What Is a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

The zombie villagers are a variation of zombies, as the name implies. Every time a zombie kills a villager, there is typically a good chance that they will also turn into zombie villagers. That villager’s biome-based traits and attire are still present. The zombie villagers can occasionally organically arise in your planet as well. However, it happens more frequently when regular villagers turn into zombie villagers.

A zombie villager has similar strength, mobility, and behaviour to a standard zombie. In order to assault the player, they can also take up weapons like bows and swords. Therefore, you should keep a reasonable distance from zombie villagers unless you have a setup that will allow you to cure them. Not to mention, the infant zombie villagers, which are far more difficult to defeat, can also be found.

Curing the Zombie Villager

The next three procedures are required to either cure a zombie villager or transform it back into a regular villager. You must first capture a zombie villager and weaken it with a potion or another method, then release it. Then you may begin the curing process by giving it a golden apple. The zombie must wait for its normal form to return because the healing procedure is arduous and drawn-out.

Even so, you can’t just stand around as the zombie becomes stronger, becoming more hostile and dangerous. Some gamers even have to kill the zombie that is healing itself in order to survive.

How to Trap a Zombie Villager

There are many of different strategies for capturing a zombie horde or any other mob. However, it is considerably simpler to capture a zombie villager if you do it in a hamlet with houses. As an alternative, you may build a simple house-like structure to contain it. Igloo basements, which are essentially the finest places to treat a zombie villager, come to mind while describing the arrangement.

  • Once you find or create a home, you need to leave its door open and lure the zombie villager into it.
  • Then, quickly escape the house and close the door on your exit. You can add two doors to the house to make your escape easier.
  • When the zombie villager is trapped, it can t open doors or get burnt by the sunlight. So make sure that none of the other villagers open the door and it out.

Give Weakness Effect to Zombie Villager

Make Splash Potion of Weakness

Any mob’s assault power is reduced by the in-game impact of weakness. Additionally, in our scenario, it lessens the zombie traits of the zombie villager, making conversion simple. However, you must first create a weakness potion. The linked tutorial also includes instructions on how to change it into a splash or throwable potion. The things you’ll need are:

  • Fermented Spider Eye
  • Blaze Powder
  • Water Bottle
  • Brewing Stand
  • Gun Powder

Alternately, you may create an arrow of weakness or a lingering potion of weakness. However, because it is considerably simpler, we advise you to make the splash potion of weakness.

Use the Potion on Zombie Villager

As soon as your zombie villager is imprisoned, attacking it is simple. Only one block opening needs to be made in the house or other comparable building. The zombie villager should then be hit with the splash potion to cause it to become weak. The duration of the potion’s impact varies depending on the game edition:

  • 1 Minute 30 Seconds Potion of Weakness I on Java
  • 4 Minutes Potion of Weakness II (Extended) on Java
  • 1 Minute 7 Seconds Potion of Weakness I on Bedrock
  • 3 Minutes Potion of Weakness II (Extended) on Bedrock

However, you needn’t worry about the duration because, if done correctly, starting the curing process just takes a few seconds. After that, let’s see how to heal a zombie villager.

Steps to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

1. Create a golden apple first. For the crafting recipe, 1 normal apple and 8 gold ingots are required. Apples are simple to locate in village chests, and our Minecraft 1.18 ore distribution guide will help you get to gold.

2. Next, you must feed the zombie villager the golden apple. Right-clicking or the secondary key will let you do it. A sizzling sound will be played as soon as you do this. Crimson particles will be released around the zombie villager as its eyes turn red.

3. Keep in mind that during the healing procedure, the zombie villager acquires additional power. Therefore, it’s best to leave it trapped and give it some time. And when some time has passed, you will discover a typical villager in the home who has effectively treated the zombie in Minecraft.

How Long Does It Take to Cure a Zombie

The cure takes about one to two minutes in the Bedrock edition and three to five minutes in the Java edition once the golden apple has been given to a zombie villager. By surrounding the zombie villager in Minecraft with beds or iron bars, you can shorten this period of time. Since it only results in a 10% alteration, the Players typically don’t take any such actions to speed up matters.

However, there is no need to worry about the passing of time because once the process begins, the zombie villager cannot despawn. You can carry on exploring and return to find the villager has been healed. Your presence has no impact on the curing process. Additionally, the Minecraft Bedrock edition allows you to save and reload your world to completely avoid the waiting period.

What Happens After a Zombie Villager is Cured

Once the process of curing is over, the zombie villager transforms into a regular villager. It will vanish if it was holding any armour, weapons, or tools. If the villager was a newborn when it first turned into a zombie villager, the healing procedure in Minecraft will restore it to its original state. Once you have cured the adult villager of their zombie state, they can resume their profession or even choose a new one.

Benefits of Curing a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

The obvious question is why, given that you know how to heal a zombie villager in Minecraft. If you’re still curious, here are a few advantages in addition to sparing the villager from brutality:

  • If the villager had a profession before turning into a zombie, it will regain the profession once you cure it. And it will offer huge permanent trading discounts that you can avail.
  • If you cure a villager inside a village, it also leaves an impact on other villagers. So, you can expect some level of trading discounts from the other villagers too.
  • And finally, curing the villager also protects other villagers from turning into a zombie.

Easily Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

You may now quickly cure a zombie villager in Minecraft, whether it’s for trading discounts or ethical concerns. Try to redo the experiment without trapping the zombie villager if you don’t find it exciting enough. The ideal place to conduct this curing experiment is one of our Minecraft village seeds. If you prefer not to experience it, you can always use the best Minecraft potions to shield the villagers from harm before it gets to them. It’s a completely other story, though.

Players who don’t wish to engage in the zombie-trapping aspect of the game can use our top 1.18 mountain seeds to locate an igloo. Many of these igloos spawn with a basement that is already home to an imprisoned zombie villager. Don’t forget that Forge can be installed in Minecraft at any time. It enables you to use some of the top Minecraft modpacks, which can open up tasks that go beyond simply treating zombies. Don’t forget to share your suggestions for additional intriguing in-game quests in the interim. They will be evaluated by our team and shared with our readers.