How to Customize Units of Measure for Workout on Apple Watch

I closely monitor my exercise progress because I’m a health-conscious individual. With a variety of features pertaining to health and fitness, Apple Watch has consistently served as my much-needed pick-me-up. The watchOS is never lacking in power, whether it be the incredibly useful daily coaching that is essential to meeting activity goals, the timely stand reminders to get up and move around, or the ability to fine-tune exercise metrics like heart rate, distance, and more. Additionally, you may alter the units of measurement for Workout on the Apple Watch, which can greatly enhance the personalization of fitness tracking.

Customize Units of Measure for Workout on watchOS

For Workout, watchOS provides several options for changing the units of measurement. For example, you can select miles for cycling sessions and alter energy units from calories to kilojoules. Now that you are aware of what this tutorial has in store for you, let’s move on to the simple procedures.

  1. To get started, launch the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. At this point, ensure sure the My Watchtab is chosen.

3. Next, select Workout by descending.

4. Select Units of Measure from the list of options at the bottom of the page.

5. There are four primary categories you may choose from on this page to alter the units of measurement for Workout on your Apple Watch:

  • Energy Units: Calories, Kilocalories, and Klojoules
  • Pool Length Units: Yards and Metres
  • Cycling Workouts: Miles and Kilometres
  • Walking and Running Workouts: Miles and Kilometres

You can now select your chosen units of measurement based on your requirements. When everything is idealised, turn off the setting. Any modifications you make will take effect right away.

Customize Units of Measure for Workout on watchOS with Ease

You can adjust units of measure for a workout on the Apple Watch in this manner, then. You would value this function whether you are a health-conscious individual or a workout enthusiast.

With numerous fitness and health features including handwash detection, cycle tracking, hearing health, and sleep tracking, watchOS has proven to be a valuable tool for people who want to stay in good health. What is your favourite watchOS feature, and what one enhancement would you like to see made to the software? Please share your thoughts in the section below.