How to Deactivate Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS

You eventually deactivate Facebook in the hopes that you will be free of all the absurdities of social media when you have to abandon Facebook for the sake of your sanity. Even though you delete your Facebook account, Facebook, being as dishonest as ever, doesn’t deactivate Facebook Messenger. To take it a step further, you must deactivate the Messenger independently. To assist you ultimately achieve digital nirvana, we have put together a straightforward approach in this post that will let you deactivate Facebook Messenger altogether.

Deactivate Facebook Messenger (Updated April 2021)

Here, we’ve provided an easy tutorial for turning off Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android devices. If you’d like, you can enlarge the table below and navigate to the appropriate section.

Deactivate Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android

Please note that before continuing, you must first delete or deactivate your main Facebook account in order to deactivate Facebook Messenger. The option to Deactivate on Facebook Messenger won’t show up unless you deactivate your primary Facebook account. Here’s how you approach it.

The OnePlus 7T running Android 11 was used to illustrate this technique on Messenger for Android. On an iPhone, the procedure for deactivating Facebook Messenger is unchanged.

1. Start by following our instructions for deleting your Facebook account. If you intend to use this social networking platform again later, you should select Deactivate here rather than deleting. But keep in mind that when you reactivate your Facebook account, Facebook Messenger will also be enabled once more automatically.

2. After that, launch the Facebook Messenger application on your iOS or Android device. On the top-left corner of the screen, tap your profile photo. Now open Legal and Policies by scrolling down.

3. The Deactivate Messenger option is located at the bottom. After tapping it, enter your password and press the Continue button to confirm your choice. Facebook Messenger will now instantaneously deactivate and won’t reactivate until you sign in to your main Facebook account or the Messenger app.

Reinstalling the Messenger app should make the Deactivate option appear if it is not already there.

Remember that deactivating Messenger merely hides your account from other users; it does not remove your messages. Additionally, you won’t be able to send or receive messages any longer. You can log in later and everything will be restored if you want to return to Messenger. As we indicated above, if you choose to log in again exclusively to Messenger after deactivation, it will also reactivate your Facebook account. Yes, we have to cope with the mysterious ways in which Facebook operates.

Note:Using the instructions above, you can erase your Facebook account together with Messenger and other Facebook-related data. But keep in mind that once you begin the deletion process, there is no stopping it, and you cannot get your account back.

Limit Your Facebook Messenger Usage

There are several other methods you might take into consideration if your intention is to deactivate Facebook Messenger due to the amount of time you spend using the app every day. You can use Screen Time on iOS and Digital Wellbeing on a number of Android phones to set time limits when using Facebook Messenger. So, here is how you may manage your Messenger usage by using those features.

Digital Wellbeing on Android

In 2018, Google announced Digital Wellbeing, which is compatible with Android 9 and later-running smartphones. Many of its features allow you to set timers for specific applications and restrict how much time you spend using cellphones. An app will ban you once you’ve used it for a predetermined period of time, along with any alerts it may have. This feature promotes a healthier lifestyle for smartphone users, therefore in this instance, being able to block Facebook Messenger rather than deactivate it can be beneficial for you.

1. Open Settings and scroll down to Digital Wellbeing to access it. You may see a detailed account of how you use your smartphone by opening it. The apps on your smartphone will now be listed when you tap Dashboard.

2. Find Facebook Messenger here, then start a countdown by tapping on the hourglass icon on the right side. You have the option of using the pre-configured timer or making your own custom one. Once the timer has been set, finish by closing the settings. Once you’ve gone over the time restriction, Facebook Messenger will be disabled.

Stay Focused

Although useful, Digital Wellbeing only functions on Android 9 and higher smartphones. You can use the Stay Focused app (free; in-app purchases available) to block and not deactivate Facebook Messenger on an Android smartphone to gain a comparable capability on older versions of Android. Give the accessibility permission at the beginning because this app will use it to ban specific apps.

1. To start, launch the application and look for the messenger app. The search result will display an unlocked symbol on the left side before starting the countdown. Additionally, you can see how frequently you’ve started the app and how long you’ve been using it.

2. You’ll be presented with a few alternatives after choosing the app, including Usage Time. Choose it and your preferred time on the following screen. Then, once you have tapped the Save icon in the top right corner, you are finished. Based on your usage history, the Facebook Messenger app will now be disabled.

Screen Time on iOS

With iOS 12, Apple added Screen Time, which is comparable to Digital Wellbeing. It’s a fantastic feature that will help you live a much more productive and disciplined life. It allows you to restrict an app’s usage rather than having to manually deactivate Facebook Messenger. Screen Time contains a tonne of options, and you may further tailor it to your preferences and requirements. This is how it will operate if iOS 12 is installed on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Click on Screen Time in Settings. Numerous alternatives are available there, but you must select the text that reads “Your iPhone” in order to continue.

2. Open the Messenger app by scrolling down and selecting it. Select the time restriction after which you wish to stop using the app by tapping on Add limit at the bottom.

3. To save the changes, touch on Add in the top-right corner. Now, when the timer expires, Facebook Messenger will be banned.

Disable or Manage Facebook Messenger As You Like

On iOS and Android, Facebook Messenger may be turned off in the same manner. The procedure is rather simple, but you also need to deactivate your primary Facebook account. As an alternative, you can restrict your phone usage by using the options indicated above. In this manner, you can maintain communication with your loved ones without giving up the app. How you spend your time on Facebook Messenger is ultimately up to you. Additionally, if you run into any issues, post a comment below, and we’ll do our best to respond.