How to Delete Entire Health Data on iPhone in iOS 13

Apple has significantly enhanced the stock health app, putting fitness and health first. It’s a terrific tool for both fitness enthusiasts and anyone who care about their health because of features like activity monitoring, cycle tracking, hearing health, and sleep tracking. To measure your progress and even share your data, the app records all of your data, including heart rate, walking or running steps, and more. Many people would rather preserve their health data forever, but I prefer to delete them after a specific period of time, especially when those massive amounts of data are no longer required. It not only keeps the Health app from using up a lot of storage, but it also keeps it clean. I’ll demonstrate how to remove all Health data from an iPhone running iOS 13 or later in this article.

Delete All Health Data from iPhone

You can delete all of the recorded health records at once, or you can delete select pieces of information from categories like heart rate and active energy, depending on your needs. What about health information synchronised with other apps? You can really clear out the data that has been synchronised with other apps like Clock, Messages, and more using the Health app. As a result, you have the desired control over your health information and may handle it as it suits you. So let’s go right to it and begin the procedures!

Deleting App Health Data from iPhone

1. Start the Health app on your iPhone, then tap the profile photo in the top right corner.

2. Select Apps from the Privacy area.

3. The apps that have access to your health data should be listed under the Apps section.

For instance, tap on it if you wish to delete the information related to the stock clock app. Next, click Delete All Data From Clock under Data. Click Delete to confirm after that.

ChooseHealth and then tap on Delete Any Data from Health to remove all information related to the Health app.

Deleting Individual Health Data from iPhone

Then, after confirming that you wish to permanently delete all of the health information from your iPhone, touch on Delete.

Note: The Settings app > Health > Data Access & Devices allows you to completely erase all health data.

There is a means to get rid of specific data, such as heart rate, active energy, or walking/running distance, just in case.

1. Open theHealthapp on your device, making sure the Summary tab is chosen in the bottom section.

Wipe Out Health Data from Your iPhone

Select a specific category, such as Heart Rate or Active Energy, under Favorites.