How to Delete Netflix Account Permanently

The fact that Netflix has been losing customers over the past few years is a well-known fact. If you’re one of the individuals seeking for a new Netflix substitute, you must have have terminated your subscription. Yet, closing your Netflix account does not automatically end your membership. In this article, we’ve covered how to ask Netflix to quickly erase your account when you cancel your subscription.

Permanently Delete Netflix Account (2022)

What Happens When You Cancel Your Netflix Account?

Netflix keeps your account active after you cancel your membership for ten months. This strategy is used by the firm to make it simpler for customers to access their profiles, likes, watching preferences, watch history, and other information if they decide to rejoin Netflix at a later time. You can, however, ask for the early cancellation of your account.

You must send Netflix an email requesting account deletion after cancelling your Netflix subscription in order to get your account deleted. In the following part, we go into depth on how to do that.

Easiest Method to Delete Your Netflix Account

You should write an email from the email address associated with your Netflix account to to request account termination prior to the 10-month waiting period.

Unless you specifically request otherwise, Netflix will automatically deactivate your account at the end of the subscription cycle if you cancel your membership before the end of the current paying month. Before the billing cycle expires, you can also ask to have the account immediately deleted.

Sample Email to Delete Netflix Account

A sample email that you can use to easily request account termination has been included. Before sending the account cancellation email, you can alter the template to suit your needs. Sending this email from the same email address linked to your Netflix account is crucial, as we indicated earlier.

You can send the account termination email using the same email address as your Netflix login instead of mentioning it in the subject line. Having stated that, the proper email format is as follows:

Dear Netflix team,

I have canceled my Netflix subscription on <date> and have decided not to use Netflix anymore. Hence, I would like to request you to immediately delete my account from your database along with all the data associated to it ahead of the 10-month cooldown period. 
Thank you.

<your name>

Don t Want to Delete Netflix? Cancel Netflix Subscription Instead

You have the option to cancel your Netflix subscription and wait 10 months for the account to be permanently erased if you don’t want to manually delete your Netflix account. Go to Account -> Cancel Membership -> Complete Cancellation to end your Netflix subscription. In our tutorial that is linked, you will find thorough instructions on how to cancel your Netflix membership.

Get Rid of Your Netflix Account

There you have it, then. You can terminate your Netflix account permanently this way without having to wait the required 10 months. Netflix’s standard 10-month account retention policy works well for the majority of users, but it’s useful to have the option to directly prompt the cancellation before that time. If you are still debating whether to cancel your membership, we suggest viewing the top Netflix films and series before making your decision. Having stated that, why did you decide to deactivate your Netflix account? Tell us in the comments section below.