How to Delete PS5 or PSN Account

I’ve made a lot of user accounts because I’ve used consoles for a very long time. Some people play video games for fun, while others play for work-related or other purposes. The point is that while having numerous accounts isn’t a problem per se, it will be challenging to remember which account you’re using for what if you sign in to your PS5 with each of them. Well, here’s how to erase PS5 accounts if your console has too many user accounts.

Delete User Accounts

It’s rather simple to delete a user account on the PlayStation 5. On a PS5, follow these steps to delete your user account.

  • Go to Settings -> Users and Accounts.
  • Here, select Users .
  • Select the trash-can next to the user name that you want to remove from your PS5 and press X on the DualSense controller to delete the user.

Delete PlayStation Network Account

On the other hand, you must use the Sony website to remove your PSN account in its entirety if for any reason you decide to do so. What you must do is as follows.

  • Head over to the Sony website and click on Contact Us .
  • Select Account and Security and then submit a ticket with your email ID and PSN ID using the Live Chat feature.

Obviously, I haven’t used this technique, but your request should be fulfilled in a few days, at which point your account will be permanently terminated.

Note that, if you delete your PSN account, any money you added to your PS Wallet will also be deleted. You won’t make any money in your bank account because these cash can’t be moved there. Also, you will lose access to any games or apps that you have bought or purchased as well as your gaming progress. Also, any subscriptions that you had paid for will be lost.

Basically, only remove your PSN account in the most extreme circumstances, when there are no other options available. Since the deleted items cannot be recovered once they have been deleted,

Clean Up Your Console by Deleting Accounts

On your PS5, having an excessive number of user accounts won’t have a significant impact. It does, however, make it challenging to pick the right account to login with. If you have more than one account on your PS5, you should in any case always use a password for that account. Also, you should password-protect any PS5 purchases in order to stop any unauthorised use of your card.

How many user accounts does your PS5 have then? Are any of them being deleted? Please tell us in the comments.