How to Delete Servers on Discord

Discord servers assist in facilitating efficient group talks in a structured manner using channels. It can be difficult to moderate a Discord server if you have started one and it has attracted a large user base. While you could appoint moderators to keep the server a secure environment, deleting the server might be a last resort. We have described how to delete servers on Discord in this blog today.

Delete Discord Servers (2022)

What Happens When you Delete a Discord Server?

A Discord server cannot be deleted by everyone.

How to Delete a Discord Server Using Desktop/ Web App

Only the server owner has the ability to remove the Discord server. A server will abruptly and silently vanish from everyone’s Discord client when its owner decides to delete it. On a deleted server, users won’t have the option to view older messages. It’s also important to note that deleting a Discord server is a permanent action. Once you decide to destroy the server, it cannot be recovered.

1. Launch your Discord server and click the down arrow or server name in the top-left corner of the programme.

2. Select Server Settings from the drop-down menu to display the settings for your Discord server.

3. Click on Delete Server in the left sidebar of your server settings page.

Delete Discord Server using Mobile App (Android, iOS)

4. Discord will now prompt you to type the name of your server to indicate that you are certain you want to remove the server. The procedure is irreversible, as was already indicated. To permanently destroy your Discord server, enter the server name and click Delete Server. Discord will ask for the 2FA code from your authenticator app if you have activated two-factor authentication.

1. Launch Discord and click the symbol with three vertical dots next to the server name. To check your server’s settings, tap Settings on the pop-up menu that just appeared.

2. To delete your server, click the three dots in the top-right corner of the server settings page and select Delete Server.

No Longer Interested in a Discord Server? Transfer Ownership Instead

3. Press Erase to permanently delete your Discord server from the confirmation popup.

You can opt to hand over control of the server to a willing volunteer if you are having trouble finding the time to moderate or maintain it. Please be aware that if you do this, you will be downgraded to a server member rather than the server owner. If you want to be given moderator rights, you must inform the new server owner. Now that that is out of the way, here is how to change the owner of a Discord server.

1. To manage the server’s settings, click on the name of your Discord server and select Server Settings.

2. Select the server member you wish to be the new server owner by clicking on the vertical three-dot icon next to them in the Members section of the User Management header in the left sidebar.

3. To relinquish your server ownership responsibilities, select Transfer Ownership from the drop-down menu.

Transfer Server Ownership on Discord Mobile (Android, iOS)

4. To ultimately transfer control of your server, enable the ownership transfer option and click Transfer Ownership.

1. To reach the server’s settings page, click the vertical three-dot icon next to the server name and select Settings.

2. Scroll down to Members and tap the name of the new server owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

3. After turning on the acknowledgment toggle, tap on Transfer Ownership and then press Transfer. Now your server will be removed.

Who is authorised to deactivate a Discord server?

A Discord server cannot be deleted by anybody other than the server owner. Even if you have administrator rights, you are unable to delete a server.

Can users still view messages on Discord servers that have been deleted?

No, everyone’s list of chats includes the removed server no more. Old messages on the server cannot be viewed by members.

How can I remove a Discord server that I’m not the owner of?

If you are not the owner of a Discord server, you cannot delete it. Either ask the server owner to delete the server or request ownership transfer.

If I delete my server, will I get my boosters back?

If you delete your Discord server, you can transfer your Nitro boost to another server.

A: Can Discord server owners leave the platform?

Delete a Discord Server in Easy Steps

No, before quitting a Discord server, owners must transfer ownership.