How to Delete Your Steam Account Permanently

With its enormous game library and, more crucially, the extremely popular Steam Summer Sale, which drastically reduces the cost of practically every game available, Steam has long been a draw for gamers worldwide. However, you might be someone who wants to stop playing video games and is thinking about permanently deleting your Steam account. Or perhaps you’ve developed a concern for your privacy and don’t want a business to have access to your data. Whatever the cause, it is feasible to delete your Steam account, but there are a few things to think about first. This post will detail the step-by-step procedure for deleting your Steam account and address some of your most pressing queries.

Delete Steam Account Permanently (2021)

This manual is organised into two main sections. The first one covers how to remove your Steam account, while the second one is a FAQ (FAQs). To go to a section of your choice, use the table below.

Can I Deactivate My Steam Account Instead?

Now, there might be a shadow of uncertainty lurking in the back of your mind if you’re a user considering deleting your Steam account. Should I instead disable my Steam account? Can you deactivate your Steam account? You cannot, however, disable your Steam account.

There is no method to deactivate your Steam account on the platform. Your decision to delete your Steam account is final and one-way. Take a step back and give it some serious thought if you’re on the fence about leaving Steam. As an alternative, you can log out of your account and do nothing with it until you make a choice.

View All Your Steam Personal Information

There is a way to find out what information Steam has gathered about you over the years if you want to delete your Steam account due to privacy concerns. All the information that the Valve-owned service has on you is available in a convenient information centre on Steam.

Visit this link while connected into your Steam account in the browser to get this information. The information that Steam has gathered about you is readily accessible through this support page. Account information, Steamworks game data, and even community profile information are all included. Continue reading to find out how to remove your account if you determine that the amount of data the company has is much too much.

Steps to Delete Steam Account Permanently

Therefore, you have made the decision to delete your Steam account. Before you do that, keep in mind that all Steam account deletions are irreversible. After submitting a deletion request, you have 30 days to change your mind, but you must post that everything has been deleted. Therefore, I advise you to exercise caution and give it some thought.

For this lesson, we will be utilising the Windows version of the Steam desktop client. If you are signed into a web browser or the official Steam client on a Mac or Linux computer, the instructions will not change.

  1. Log in to your Steam account and click your profile name on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. A dropdown menu will then open up. Select the Account details option from there.
  3. Your account details will now show up on the screen. Next up, scroll to the bottom and click Delete my Steam account .
  4. Steam will now show you the entire deletion process that you need to follow, along with a few FAQs you can choose to read if you want to. Once you are sure about your decision, click Proceed to account deletion .
  5. You will now see a form that you need to fill so that Steam can verify that you actually own the account. Steam might ask for more information than what you see below or maybe less. Fill the form in its entirety and press the Send button.
  6. Once done, Steam will create a support ticket and take you to the screen you see below. Now, any reply you get from Steam support will be shown here, along with any updates on your account deletion progress. You can also send additional messages by clicking the Update my help request button at the bottom left.
  7. Your Steam account is now locked and in line for inspection by a support executive. They will address your query, and you will get a notice you need to acknowledge to complete the account deletion process. As stated before, you will have 30 days to revert your decision, after which Valve will wipe all your data from its servers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What Happens to My Game Library When I Delete My Steam Account?

All of your data, including your community profile, presents, wallet funds, and other items, will be permanently destroyed. This includes your Steam Game Library. Any game keys that you registered to your Steam account will also expire and stop working. You must use each game’s specific client to play any titles that do not only require Steam. For instance, after cancelling your Steam account, you can play Apex Legends by switching to Origin.

We do offer a workaround, though, that will allow you to maintain your complete Steam game collection while forgetting about your old Steam account if you’re just cancelling your account to start over. Since Steam doesn’t delete inactive or dormant accounts, all you have to do is create a new Steam account and use Steam Family Sharing to link the new and old accounts. Once you’ve done so, you can easily transfer all Steam games from your old account to your new one.

Q. Will I Get Any Refunds on Deleting My Steam Account?

Once your Steam account is deleted, you won’t be given a refund for any games or software you bought there. However, if you recently purchased any games, they might be covered by Steam’s 14 day/2 hour policy window. This implies that you can cancel all of these games before starting the account deletion process. Therefore, be sure to refund those Steam games before deleting your Steam account.

Q. What Will Happen to My Steam Wallet Balance?

Once your account has been deleted, the money in your Steam Wallet won’t be accessible anymore.

Q. How Long Does It Take for Steam Support to Delete An Account?

Steam waits 30 days before permanently cancelling an account, according to the official support page. If you change your mind, you have at least 30 days to do so. After 30 days, Steam will remind you, giving you one final opportunity to get your account back.

Q. Can I Cancel My Steam Account Deletion Request?

Thankfully, the response is yes. You have the option to refuse the request to delete your Steam account and have your account restored. The 30 day period starts when your steam account is deleted, and a red banner will appear on top of your Steam profile. To cancel the deletion of your account, you must go back into your Steam profile, click the red notification, and then press the Cancel, I Don’t Want to Delete My Account option.

If a support executive hasn’t responded to your request yet, however, and you don’t see a red banner, select the option to “Click here if you no longer need help.” You are able to do this even before a Steam support representative hears your deletion request.

Q. Can I Reuse My Steam Gamer Tag After I Delete My Account?

Unluckily, you can’t. Regardless of whether an account has been removed, account names are distinctive and can only be used once, according to Steam’s help website. On a new Steam account or anywhere else, you may use your pre-existing email addresses, profile name, and payment methods without restriction.

Q. What Happens to My Data After I Delete My Steam Account?

When you finish the Steam account deletion process, almost all of your account’s data is removed. You will no longer have access to your purchase history, personal information that identifies you, or the game library, in addition to other things. However, some of the material you may have shared on the site will continue to exist. Discussion threads or comments made in Steam community hubs are included. Additionally, your comments on the profiles of other users will not be deleted along with your account.

Delete Steam Account In a Few Easy Steps!

Whatever your motivations, this comprehensive tutorial will make sure you successfully delete your Steam account. Although, in our opinion, Steam offers consumers sufficient incentives to remain. The digital game provider knows how to delight players with features like Steam Remote Play, which gives a tonne of free Steam games access to enormous multiplayer gaming potential. Therefore, be sure that you are doing it correctly. Have any other queries? Tell us in the comments section below.