How to Disable Ads from Android TV Homescreen

One of Android TV’s better features, in my opinion, is the home launcher, which is quite straightforward and user-friendly. However, things appear to be worse as a new feature from Google called Cinematic Highlights has been added, adding a second row of content recommendations on top. Thankfully, it does not automatically play audio or provide a video preview, but it still occupies a sizable amount of the screen. Not to mention that everyone receives the same suggestions, making the ostensible recommendations really just advertisements. Therefore, follow the instructions below if you wish to remove adverts from the Android TV home screen.

Disable Ads From Android TV Homescreen (2021)

  • Why Google Serve Ads on Home Screen?

Google is attempting to monetise Android TV by displaying sponsored content on the home screen as the platform’s user base continues to grow. Since Android is an open-source operating system that is free to use, Google will need to find a way to make money off of it.

  • How to Know Which App is Causing These Ads?

It can be challenging to identify apps that are producing adverts because, in the majority of cases, the TV manufacturer installs background programmes and gives consent to display invasive ads. These don’t look like adware because they are usually system apps that are crammed into the Settings tab. On your Android TV, you can try sideloading Popup Ad Detector (Free) to see if you can capture these apps.

Remove Android TV Homescreen Ads

1. Go to the Settings page for Android TV, select Apps, then scroll down and select See All Apps to remove advertisements from the homescreen.

2. Scroll to the bottom once more and select Show System Apps.

3. Next, find and launch Android TV Home from the list.

4. From here, select Uninstall Updates to finish.

5. You must disable automatic updates from the Play Store in order to prevent Android TV from updating the Home app without your permission. Go to your profile in the top-right corner of the Play Store after opening it.

6. Click on Auto-update apps under Settings.

7. When you are finished, click Don’t auto-update apps. The Google Home app will no longer automatically update, and Android TV homescreen adverts will no longer appear. Having said that, be aware that you will now need to manually update other Play Store apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Get Rid of Ads on Android TV?

You can remove adverts from your Android TV by reading the full guide we have provided above. Simply delete Android TV Home’s most recent update and turn off automatic app updates, to put it succinctly.

Q. How Do I Stop Adverts on My Smart TV?

You can use the above instructions if you own an Android TV. Open Menu -> Smart Features -> Terms & Policy -> SyncPlus Privacy Notice if you have a Samsung smart TV. Disable “I consent” here. On LG TV, do the same by going to Settings -> General -> LivePlus and disabling the option.

Q. How Do I Get Rid of TCL Android TV Ads?

You can use the aforementioned instruction to remove adverts from your TCL Android TV because these TVs are essentially Android TVs.

Q. How Do I Block Ads on YouTube Android TV?

You must be a YouTube Premium subscriber in order to block advertisements on YouTube for Android TV. You can sign up for its paid plan on your desktop or smartphone.

Q. Why Do Ads Keep Popping Up on My Home Screen?

If advertisements are appearing on your home screen, your TV’s manufacturer has likely given the system permission for a few intrusive apps to take priority over other apps. To locate the offender apps in this situation, sideload Popup Ad Detector (Free). After that, you can remove them by going to Settings -> Apps -> See All Apps.

Q. How Do You Find Which App is Causing Pop Up Ads?

On your Android TV, sideload Popup Ad Detector (Free) to locate the apps that are causing pop-up advertisements.

Q. How Do I Turn Off Google Personalization Ads?

Go to Google -> Ads -> Settings after opening Settings. Opt out of Ad Personalization should be enabled. There it is.

Q. How Do I Get Rid of Ads on Android Box?

You can follow the instructions above to remove advertising from your Android Box’s home screen.

Q. Is There Any Ad Blocker for Android TV?

To block any kind of app, sideload Blockada (Free) into your Android TV. Remember that Android 9.0 requires an upgrade for your Android TV.

Q. Which is The Best Ad Blocker for Android Box?

Use of PiHole, in my opinion, is the finest ad blocker for Android Box. Additionally, you can download Blockada (Free) to your Android Box for a quick fix.

List of Android TVs This Method Will Work On

Popular TVs that you can apply the aforementioned technique on to remove commercials are included in the list below. The list is not intended to be comprehensive and is simply provided as an illustration of TVs with the ad problem.

BRAND Model Name Size
Marq (flipkart) Marq 43AAUHDM 43
Marq 43AAFHDM 43
Marq 32AAHDM 32
Marq 65SAUHD 65
Marq 49SAUHD 48.5
Marq 32VNSSHDM 32
Marq 49SAUHD/49SAHD-Black 49
Aconatic Aconatic 32HS521AN 32
Aconatic 43HS521AN 43
Aconatic 55RS543AN 55
Aconatic 55US300AN 55
Aconati c65RS543AN 65
iFFALCON 65K71 65
iFFALCON 55H71 55
iFFALCON 65H71 65
iFFALCON 43K31 43
iFFALCON 50K31 50
iFFALCON 55K31 55
LLoyd LLoyd 32HS301B 32
LLoyd 43FS301B 43
LLoyd 43US900B 43
LLoyd 55US900B 55
LLoyd GL32H0B0ZS 32
LLoyd L32HS670A 32
Micromax Micromax L32CANVAS4 32
Micromax L32TA6445HD 32
Micromax L40TA6445FHD 40
Micromax L43TA7000UHD 43
Micromax L55TA7001UHD 55
MI MI L40M5-5AIN 40
MI L32M5-AL 32
MI L43M5-AN 43
MI L43M4-4AIN 43
MI L50M5-5AIN 50
MI L55M6-EQG 55
MI L32M6-EI 32
MI L55M4-4XINA 55
MI L65M5-5SIN 65
MI L49M5-AN 49
MI L32M5-AN 32
MI L43M5-AI 43
MI L32M5-AI 32
MI L40M6-EI 40
MI L75M6-ESG 75
Panasonic Panasonic TH-65HX700DX 65
Panasonic TH-55HX700DX 55
Panasonic TH-43HX700DX 43
Panasonic TH-55HX635DX 55
Panasonic TH-43HX635DX 43
Panasonic TH-43HX625DX 43
Panasonic TH-58HX450 58
Panasonic TH-50HX450 50
Panasonic TH-65GX655DX 65
Panasonic TH-55GX655DX 55
Panasonic TH-49GX655DX 49
Panasonic TH-43GX655DX 43
Sanyo Sanyo XT-43A081U 43
Sanyo XT-49A081U 49
Sanyo XT-55A081U 55
Sanyo XT-65A081U 65
Sanyo XT-43UHD4S 43
Sanyo XT-50UHD4S 50
Sanyo XT-55UHD4S 55
Sanyo XT-65UHD4S 65
Sanyo XT-43FHD4S 43
Sanyo XT-32RHD4S 32
Sony Sony KD-55X7400H 55
Sony KDL-49W800G 49
Sony KDL-43W800G 43
Sony KD-55X9500G 55
Sony KD-49X8000H 49
Sony KD-55X8000H 55
Sony KD-43X8000G 43
Sony KD-49X7500H 49
Sony KD-65A8F 65
Sony KD-55A8G 55
Sony KD-55X8000G 55
Sony KD-65X9300E 65
Sony KD-65A8G 65
Sony KD-55X9300E 55
Sony KD-65X8000H 65
Sony KD-65A9F 65
Sony KD-65X9500E 65
Sony KD-55A8F 55
Sony KD-75X8500F 75
Sony KD-65A9G 65
SonyKD-55X7500F 55
Sony KDL-43W800F 43
Sony KD-49X8000G 49
Sony KD-55X8500G 55
Sony KD-43X7500F 43
Sony KD-65X8000G 65
Sony KD-49X8500F 49
Sony KD-43X8500F 43
Sony KDL-49W800F 49
Sony KD-43X8200E 43
Sony KDL-43W800D 43
Sony KD-65X9500G 65
Sony KD-75X8000H 75
Sony KD-55X9000E 55
Sony KD-49X9000E 49
Sony KD-55X9500E 55
Sony KD-65X9000E 65
Sony KD-55X9000F 55
Sony KD-65X7500F 65
Sony KD-49X8200E 49
Sony KD-65X9000F 65
Sony KD-55X8500F 55
Sony KD-55A9F 55
Sony KD-55A1 55
Sony KD-65A1 65
Sony KD-49X7500F 49
Sony KD-55A9G 55
Sony KD-85X8000H 85
Sony 43X7400H 43
Sony 55X7500H 55
Sony 43X7500H 43
Sony 65X7400H 65
TCL TCL 50C715 50
TCL 32S65A 32
TCL 55C715 55
TCL L65C2US 65
TCL 55P715 55
TCL L55C2US 55
TCL 65P8 65
TCL 43P8 43
TCL 43S6500FS 43
TCL 85P8M 85
TCL 32S6500S 32
TCL 65P715 65
TCL 55P2MUS 55
TCL 43P8B 43
TCL 43P715 43
TCL 55C815 55
TCL 50P715 50
TCL 65P2MUS 65
TCL 55P8E 55
TCL 55P8 55
TCL 49S6500S 49
TCL 65P8E 65
TCL 65C6 65
TCL 75P715 75
TCL 55P8S 55
TCL 65X4US 65
TCL 50P8E 50
TCL 65C715 65
TCL 50P8 50
TCL 75C815 75
TCL 55C8 55
TCL 40S6500 40
TCL 43P8E 43
iFFALCON 50K61 50
iFFALCON 55K61 55
iFFALCON 43K31 43
iFFALCON 55K31 55
iFFALCON 55H71 55
iFFALCON 55K71 55
iFFALCON 43K71 43
iFFALCON 65K31 65
iFFALCON 65K71 65
iFFALCON 50K31 50
iFFALCON 65H71 65
VU VU 43US 43
VU 32US 32
VU 55PM 55
VU 50PM 50
VU 43GA 43
VU 55UT 55
VU 85QPX 85
VU 65PM 65
VU 50UT 50
VU 32GA 32
VU 43PM 43
VU 43CA 43
VU 43UA 43
VU 43UT 43
VU 55-OA 55
VU 43-OA 43
VU 65UT 65
VU 50-OA 50
VU 43 OA 43
VU 43 OA -V1 43
VU 55-OA 55
VU 55-OA V1 55
VU 50CA 50
VU 55CA 55
Hisense Hisense 43A71F 43
Hisense 55A71F 55
Hisense 55A73F 55
Hisense 40A56E 40
Hisense 32A56E 32
Hisense 50A71F 50
Hisense 65U7QF 65
Haier Haier LE43K6600UGA 43
Haier LE40K6600GA 40
Haier LE43K6600GA 43
Haier LE50K6600HQGA 50
Haier LE32K6600GA 32
Haier LE55U6900HQGA 55
Haier LE65S8000EGA 65
Haier LE50U6900HQGA 50
Haier LE32W2000 32
Haier LE55U6500UAG 55
Haier LE50F9000UAP 50
Haier LE55K6600HQGA 55
Haier LE65U6500UAG 65
Haier LE65U6900HQGA 65
Infinix Infinix 43X1 43
Infinix 32X1 32
Kodak Kodak 50CA7077 50
Kodak 65CA0101 65
Kodak 32HDX7XPRO 32
Kodak 43CA2022 43
Kodak 55CA0909 55
Kodak 43UHDX7XPRO 43
Kodak 55UHDX7XPRO 55
Kodak 40FHDX7XPRO 40
Kodak 43FHDX7XPRO 43
Kodak 32HDXSMART 32
Kodak 32HDXSMART V1 32
Kodak 32HDXSMART 32
Kodak 55UHDXSMART 55
Kodak 40FHDXSMART 40
Kodak 40FHDXSMART V1 40
Motorola Motorola 55SAUHDMQ 55
Motorola 55SAUHDMG 55
Motorola 43SAUHDMQ 43
Motorola 43SAFHDM 43
Motorola 43SAUHDMG 43
Motorola 65SAUHDM 65
Motorola 40SAFHDME 40
Motorola 55SAUHDM 55
Motorola 32SAHDME 32
Motorola 32SAFHDM 32
Motorola 50SAUHDM 50
Motorola 43SAUHDM 43
Motorola 50SAUHDMQ 50
Motorola 75SAUHDM 75
Nokia Nokia 43TAFHDN 43
Nokia 32TAHDN 32
Nokia 43TAUHDN 43
Nokia 50TAUHDN 50
Nokia 55TAUHDN 55
Nokia 65TAUHDN 65
Nokia 43CAUHDN 43
Nokia 55CAUHDN 55
Nokia 65CAUHDN 65
OnePlus OnePlus 43FA0A00 43
OnePlus 32HA0A00 32
OnePlus 55Q1IN-1 55
OnePlus 55Q1IN 55
OnePlus 55UA0A00 55
Philips Philips 58PUT6604 58
Philips 50PUT6604 50
Philips 43PUT7791 43
Realme Realme RMV2004 43
Realme RMV2005 50
Redmi Redmi L50M6-RA 50
Redmi L55M6-RA 55
Redmi L65M6-RA 65
Thomson Thomson 43TH6000 43
Thomson 50TH1000 50
Thomson 40M4099 40
Thomson 40M4099 PRO 40
Thomson 32M3277 PRO 32
Thomson 43TH0099 43
Thomson 43TH6000_UD9 43
Thomson 32PATH0011 32
Thomson 50OATHPRO1212 50
Thomson 55 OATHPRO 0101 55
Thomson 43 OATHPRO 2000 43
Thomson 43PATH4545 43
Thomson 55PATH5050 55
Thomson 65 OATHPRO 2020 65
Thomson 40PATH7777 40
Thomson 32PATH0011BL 32
Thomson 50PATH1010 50
Thomson 43PATH0009 43
Thomson 75 OATHPRO2121 75
Thomson 43 OATH 1000 43
Thomson 49 OATH 9000 49
Thomson 32M3277 32
Thomson 55TH1000 55
Toshiba Toshiba 32L5050 32
Toshiba 55U5050 55
Toshiba 43L5050 43

Disable Cinematic Highlights on Android TV

You can disable cinematic highlights and automatic app upgrades in this manner. Although this is only a temporary patch at the moment, I believe Google will make this a permanent part of the main foundation in the near future. You might then need to switch to a different Android TV launcher. That’s all we have to say, though. Please let us know in the comments section below if you found the post to be useful.