How to Disable Camera Access on iPhone Lock Screen

Despite not being a shutterbug, I never want to miss out on beautiful pictures. I value the rapid access to the camera app from the Lock screen because of this. To enter the camera, simply swipe left on the screen. Take a picture, and you’re done! Isn’t that a lot simpler than the conventional approach? However, everything has both up and bad sides. And this useful feature is not an exception. Would you let someone use your iPhone’s camera without your permission if your smartphone were to fall into the wrong hands? The answer may differ from person to person, but for those who value security and privacy above all else, disabling camera access on the iPhone Lock screen may be a good idea. If you fall into that category, you should read this brief practical guide.

Restrict Camera Access on iPhone Lock Screen

Is There Any Catch Involved?

To start, Apple doesn’t provide a simple method for blocking iPhone camera access from the Lock screen. So, in order to complete the task, we will have to find a workaround. The stock camera software on the entire iOS device is severely restricted by this hack, despite the fact that it functions very effectively. As a result, you would need to remove the restriction each time you wanted to take a picture. And for people who frequently take pictures or films, that can be inconvenient. But that might not be a significant deal for people who aren’t very interested in smartphone photography.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started with the steps, whether you are trying to hide your camera app from a mischievous child as part of parental controls or eager to hide the shutter from a stranger.

1. Open the Screen Time section of the Settings app on your iPhone.

Note: This method uses Screen Time and is compatible with iPhones running iOS 12/13 or later. You must go to Settings > General > Restrictions if your device is running an older iOS version. The following steps are all quite similar.

2. Check to see if Screen Time is activated. Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions after that.

3. Next, activate the Content & Privacy Restrictions toggle.

You must first enter your passcode if you have enabled Screen Time passcode. Access it.

4. After that, click the Allowed App.

5. Lastly, flip the switch adjacent to the camera off.

Disable Camera Access on Your iPhone Lock Screen

The end! The iPhone camera would no longer be accessible from the Lock screen going forward. It would be concealed across your entire iOS device, as was already mentioned. When you want it back later, just repeat the process described above and turn on the camera toggle at the end.