How to Disable Google Hangouts Last Seen Feature

For the majority of instant messengers, the last seen or last active feature has become a standard feature, and Hangouts is no exception. However, some people really hate the last seen feature because it lets others know when you ignore them. Thankfully, Google has provided you with a choice to turn off the Hangouts last seen feature. So, here’s how to turn off the Google Hangouts last seen function across several devices if you’re having issues with it.

Disable Last Seen in the Hangouts Web Client or Extension

You may simply sign in with your Google account on the Google Hangouts web client if you choose to utilise the service through its web interface. The sidebar will then appear after pressing the hamburger menu button.

Click Settings here. To turn off the last seen feature, check the box next to Show when you were last online on the Settings page.

Through its Chrome extension, Hangouts’ last active functionality can likewise be turned off. Simply open the Chrome app, select the hamburger menu option, and then check the box next to Show when you were last online under the settings.

Disable Last Seen in Gmail Web Client

You can still turn off last seen if you use Hangouts in Gmail rather than the standalone web client or plugin.

You can simply click on your name and select the radio button for Show when you were last spotted online to do it.

Disable Last Seen in Hangouts App

On Android

Open the hamburger menu and select Settings in the Hangouts app on an Android smartphone or tablet to disable last screen. Choose your account here.

After that, just deactivate the Last seen toggle by selecting the Share your status option.

On iOS

Simply navigate to the Settings section of the Google Hangouts app on your iPhone or iPad, then select the Status option.

Just select the Last active option below to turn off Last seen in Hangouts.

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Easily turn off the last seen feature in Google Hangouts

The last seen feature in Google Hangouts can be disabled with those easy actions. Google allows you to switch off last active in Hangouts from anywhere, whether you’re using a PC, a Mac, or a smartphone.

Although Google may restrict Hangouts to business users in the future, it won’t be gone for good any time soon. We therefore hope that this straightforward Hangouts tutorial will be useful to you.