How to Disable Shopping Feature in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Android

Microsoft Edge is regarded as one of the best web browsers for PCs and mobile devices in its Chromium incarnation. With a recent upgrade, the browser added a Shopping feature, which has drawn much criticism for adding clutter and raising privacy issues. So, today’s tutorial will demonstrate how to turn off Microsoft Edge’s shopping functionality on a Windows 10 computer and an Android phone.

Disable Shopping Feature in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Android

Edge Chromium’s online shopping functionality allows you to look up product pricing on various websites. You may also get discount codes for immediate savings on websites like Target, SuperShoppingNow, and others with its assistance. Both on desktops and on mobile devices, the shopping feature is turned on by default, but there is a setting that allows you to disable it. Learn how to disable the shopping feature in Microsoft Edge on Android and Windows 10 in this post.

Windows 10

  • Open Microsoft Edge and click on the three-dot menu at the top-right corner. From the drop-down menu, select Settings.
  • On the left sidebar, click on Privacy, search, and services. Now scroll down on the right pane and switch off the toggle next to Save time and money with Shopping in Microsoft Edge.

The end! Your Windows 10 computer’s unpleasant and privacy-invading shopping feature has been removed.


  • Open Microsoft Edge on your Android phone and tap on the three dots menu at the bottom. Then, from the slide-out panel, open Settings.
  • On the Settings page, scroll down a little if you have to and select Coupons. On the next page, turn off the Enable coupons toggle.

Yes, breaking into the new shopping feature is that simple. The ability to use coupons in Microsoft Edge on Android devices has now been blocked.

Note:Coupons for Android and iOS allow customers coupons and discount codes on specific websites and shopping platforms, working similarly to the Shopping feature on PCs.

Turn Off Shopping Feature in Microsoft Edge

The aforementioned tutorial demonstrates how, with just a few clicks, you can turn off Microsoft Edge’s shopping functionality on your Windows computer and Android smartphone. To access discount coupons and price comparisons once more, go back through your steps and turn the toggle on if you ever feel the need to re-enable it.

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