How to Disable Siri Shortcuts Notifications on iPhone

Siri Shortcuts were first introduced by Apple with iOS 12 in 2018, and a lot has changed since then. In reality, users are still employing shortcuts and iPhone widgets to build amazing home screen customizations on iPhones as of iOS 14. The obtrusive tiny notification that appears each time an automation is done, though, is one of the issues with Siri Shortcuts and automations. Thankfully, there is a quick cure. So, here’s how to stop receiving notifications for Siri Shortcuts on your iPhone.

Disable Notifications for Siri Shortcuts in iOS 14.3

Although Apple has resolved the issue where the Siri Shortcut app would open each time a shortcut was used, automations continue to generate notifications. Although it isn’t a problem per per, it doesn’t seem particularly magical when it occurs. Furthermore, unlike other iOS apps, Siri Shortcuts don’t allow you to turn off notifications.

We’ll be talking about how to accomplish it here, however there is a method to get around the problem and totally turn off notifications for shortcuts.

How to Disable Siri Shortcuts Notifications on iPhone

You must make sure that Siri Shortcuts have already shown you notifications in order to use this strategy. If it hasn’t, simply make an automation, activate it, and wait for a message before continuing with this how-to.

  • Go to Settings -> Screen Time. Here, tap on See All Activity .
  • On the top, you will see options to view activity by week, or daily averages. Tap on Week .
  • Scroll down to the notification section and tap on the bar for the current day. In this example, that s Tuesday.
  • Tap on Show More and then tap on Shortcuts .

Note:Occasionally, you cannot tap the Shortcuts option. If so, simply return to week view before switching back to daily averages, and it should again be tappable.

  • Disable the Allow Notifications toggle.

That’s it; you can now use any of your automations on your iPhone without receiving any further Shortcuts app notifications. But keep in mind that for the time being, this simply gets rid of automation notifications. If you use Siri Shortcuts to open apps with personalised icons, a banner letting you know the Shortcut has been executed will still appear.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to disable or delete the notification right now. Hopefully Apple will continue to improve Shortcuts so that consumers can also turn off those notifications. We’ll absolutely update this article to reflect the change when that occurs (hopefully).

Use Siri Shortcuts without the Annoying Notifications

Apple wants to display notifications when an automation runs for a reason. So that you will know what it was and why it happened if some automation runs. That’s useful if you’re testing automations and don’t want your iPhone’s background to change unexpectedly while you’re testing. or something comparable that can seem sinister at first.

It is reasonable to want Apple to provide consumers the option to decide whether or not we want to get these notifications, though. How do you feel? Would you wish to turn off Siri Shortcuts’ entire notification system? Please tell us in the comments.