How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone or iPad Using Siri Shortcuts

On my iPhone, I frequently encounter videos that I want to save on my device while surfing YouTube. I am aware that YouTube videos may be downloaded for offline viewing, but those videos only stay in the YouTube app and cannot be used with any other third-party editing software. I’ve therefore started using this Siri shortcut to easily download and store YouTube videos on my device.

There are many Siri shortcuts available right now, and you can find them in the Shortcuts app’s Gallery. The Social Media Downloader (SMD), however, is a shortcut that cannot be found in the gallery of shortcuts. You can’t add this shortcut to your My Shortcuts list the conventional manner because it was made by a third-party developer.

How to Set Up Shortcuts App to Run SMD

In order to run the SMD shortcut, you must configure the Shortcuts app as follows.

  • First, go to Settings on your device and find Shortcuts in the system app list.
  • Enter the settings page for Shortcuts and you will see the title Allow Untrusted Shortcuts .
  • Toggle the switch to turn it on.
  • Press Allow on the following prompt.
  • Enter your device s passcode and you re ready.

Once you’ve configured your Shortcuts app to add shortcuts from sources other than the Gallery, follow the instructions below to use the shortcut to download a YouTube video.

How to Download YouTube Videos using SMD

  • First, get the Social Media Downloader (SMD) shortcut from this link.
  • After adding it, you will find the shortcut in your My Shortcuts section of the Shortcuts app.
  • Now, go to the YouTube app and open the video you want to download.
  • Once the video opens up, find the Share button and tap it.
  • Once the in-app share sheet comes up, slide to the left, and tap the button with three dots. This will open up the device s share sheet.
  • In the device s share sheet, scroll down a bit and you will find a button titled SMD 4.0.2 .
  • Tap this button to start your download.
  • After some progression, the shortcut will give you the option to choose your preferred video resolution.
  • Later in the download process, the shortcut will ask your permission to send certain data to some websites. Press OK when the prompt comes up.
  • After that, you will get the option to Save the video or Open in any third-party app. Press Save .
  • Once the video is completely downloaded, it will open up in the system media player.
  • Now, on this media player, find the Share button on the top-right corner.
  • Tap it to open up the share sheet again and then tap Save Video to save it on your device.
  • Go to the Photos app and you will find the downloaded video right there.

Therefore, one of the simplest ways to download a YouTube video on an iPhone or iPad is using this method. And all of this is because of Siri Shortcuts and the programmers that made the SMD shortcut.

I hope this shortcut makes it easier for you to store your favourite YouTube videos to your smartphone. Additionally, if you have already used it, you already know who to thank in the comments.