How to Easily Find the Size of Files in iPhone and iPad

The file size of images on an iPhone has never had an easy-to-use interface. To check the file size, users previously had to utilise third-party gallery apps, upload their photos to Google Photos, or do something similar. There is, however, a much simpler method to determine the file sizes of photographs, and you won’t even need to exit the Photos app to utilise it. Follow us as we create the Siri Shortcut needed to achieve this using shortcuts.

In case you’re unaware, the Apple iPhone software Shortcuts enables you to design your own routines to streamline repeated actions you conduct on your iPhone or iPad, enhancing your entire experience. It’s important to know that if you are using an alpha version of iOS 13, the Shortcuts app will come pre-installed.

How to Easily Find the Size of Files in iPhone and iPad

1. Download the Shortcuts app from the App Store (free). You may safely skip this step if you’re on iOS 13’s developer beta or public beta, as I already indicated.

2. While the app is open, select Create Shortcut from the menu or hit the Plus button in the top right corner of the app. Give the shortcut the name you like, select the media types for which you need to view the shortcut, and turn the toggle to “Show in Sharing Sheet.” I decided on Files, Media, and Pictures because this article is primarily about media files.

3. After creating a shortcut, you must assign an action to it. To achieve this, open the shortcut, type “Get details of files,” in the search box, then press the “Add Action” button that appears.

5. When you’ve finished, you’ll see the activity depicted in the following figure. Click on the blue Detail button, then select File Size. If you’d like, you can also set additional actions, such as File Extension, Creation Date, Last Updated Date, and so forth.

6. To have the file size appear as a notification, we now need to define a custom action. By adding a new action called “Display Notification,” which can be found by typing “Notification” into the search box, you can accomplish the same thing.

7. Take note that the default text that appears with a notification when you create one is Hello World. As you can see in the image up top, you can change it to a relevant value. Remember to select the variable Details of Files so that the notification will show the results of the preceding operation.

This concludes our step-by-step tutorial on how to examine your files’ sizes on your iPhone and iPad easily. Choose the file whose size you want to know and hit the Share button to start the notification. Choose the Shortcut we made in the Share sheet, and a notification with the file’s size will appear.

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