How to Edit 3D Lighting and Environment in Procreate on iPad

Finally available is the new Procreate 5.2 version, which has a tonne to offer. The 3D lighting and environment options in this Procreate upgrade are one of its key features. Procreate gives you the option of viewing 3D things in augmented reality while also assisting you in creating the virtual environment that your 3D models are digitally placed in. There are a few basic environments in the app, and they all interact with the item in unique ways. You can obtain effects that are comparable to Unreal Engine but not as excellent. So let’s examine how to modify Procreate’s 3D lighting and environment settings.

3D Lighting and Environment in Procreate (2021)

We’ll concentrate on all the Procreate app’s built-in features when discussing the feature. However, make sure you understand how to import a 3D model into Procreate before continuing. Using the table below, you can quickly go to particular features. Let’s get started now that that is over.

How Lighting and Environment Settings Works in Procreate?

You can employ visualisation techniques such as 3D lighting and environment to produce a realistic representation of 3D objects. These settings have the purpose of generating a virtual light-based environment that can mimic both natural and artificial lighting conditions. They reflect and absorb light to interact with 3D objects and their textures.

Typically, Procreate’s settings work with a variety of light sources to provide an interaction with your 3D item that seems genuine. These methods are used by filmmakers and artists to give 3D objects genuine visual global illumination qualities and to create an atmosphere for their surroundings.

How to Open 3D Lighting and Environment Settings in Procreate

Grab your Apple Pencil or an alternative and launch the Procreate app on your iPad to get started. then take the actions listed below:

1. First, select the 3D model you wish to work with from the Procreate homescreen. We’ll be using a 3D helmet from Procreate’s sample models for this tutorial.

2. Tap the Actions icon when the 3D model has loaded. In the top left corner of the screen, near to the Gallery option, is a round button with a wrench symbol.

3. Select the 3D option under Actions from the menu. To the right of the Share button, it is indicated by a hollow cube icon. Tap on the Edit lighting & environment option, which is the last choice under 3D settings.

How to Use 3D Lighting in Procreate on iPad

You may access Procreate’s Lighting Studio by tapping the Edit Lighting & Environment icon. If you want to depict your 3D model in realistic lighting settings, this is where the magic happens.

You can modify the perspective by pushing, holding, and sliding the 3D model with your fingers until you find an angle that works for you. If an object is hollow, you can even peek within it and at it from the bottom. You can zoom in and out of an object by pinching it with two fingers. However, let’s go over each light-based option immediately, beginning with the addition of light sources.

Add and Place Lights in Procreate

You will see two light cubes there by default as soon as you enter the lighting studio in Procreate. Your 3D object’s surrounding light sources are as follows. Depending on the texture, your object will either absorb or reflect the light coming from this source, just like in real life. It is simple to add extra light sources, even if they are not currently there for any reason.

1. To add more light cubes, first hit the Add Light icon in the upper right corner. It is located in between the Cancel and Environment menu choices. In Procreate, you can only set up to four light cubes at once.

2. A new light cube will be added to the lighting studio as soon as you hit the Add Light button. By dragging and dropping them anywhere in this area, you can move these cubes. A light cube may be moved by placing and holding your finger on it. By pushing, holding, and then dragging your finger in the open space, you may more easily change the perspective.

Edit Light Settings in Procreate Lighting Studio

It’s time to alter the settings to change how the object appears in 3D space after the light cubes have been placed. Procreate, fortunately, gives you just the right amount of options to alter lights without making it too difficult. To change a light cube’s characteristics, cantap on it.

In Procreate, you may modify the following properties using the Light Settings pop-up:

  • Hue: It is the color that the light source is emitting. In a rainbow-like format, you can easily select the color of the light.
  • Saturation: This option describes how colorful the light from that source should be. It works by changing the presence of white light mixed with your chosen hue or color. You can use it, in a way, to increase the brightness of a color.
  • Intensity: The final option determines how bright or powerful the light source should be. Pulling the slider to zero will turn off the light, whereas moving the slider to the right will make the light source as powerful as it can get.

How to Edit the Environment in Procreate on iPad

When our bespoke light sources are installed, it’s time to modify the ambient lighting. There are now only a few preset environments available in Procreate. This is how it goes.

1. On the screen of the lighting studio, hit the Environment icon in the top right corner. Here, a tap will reveal or conceal the surrounding area. All lighting and reflection-based effects added to your 3D model will be eliminated by hiding the environment.

2. Procreate offers a wide range of options in the Environment drop-down box. The environments that are available are based on certain real-world locations, as suggested by their names. To choose and use them, simply tap on their names. The virtual environments will imitate these areas’ lighting when selected. Even the environment’s exposure parameters can be adjusted to suit your tastes. The environmental lighting’ intensity will alter as a result.

3. To save your changes and leave these settings, click theDonebutton in the top right corner.

6. Clicking the Done button will return you to the drawing board, but the effects of the lighting and surroundings will still be discernible.

Default Environments in Procreate 5.2

Here is a list of every default environment available in the Procreate 5.2 update that you may use to provide your 3D models lighting effects. They are all made to imitate locations with realistic lighting.

  • Studio
  • Savage
  • Auditorium
  • City
  • Nightlife
  • Portside
  • Industrial
  • Sunrise
  • Beach
  • Mountain
  • Daytime

Future updates to Procreate are likely to include new environments as well as advanced light editing tools. However, as of November 2021, there have been no formal pronouncements regarding the same.

Start using 3D Lighting and Environment in Procreate

Now that you have that, you can use the Procreate programme to present your 3D objects in a professional manner with matching lighting effects. Go to the App Store and update the Procreate app on your iPad if you can’t locate these options there. You can now use Procreate’s 3D lighting and environment settings after installing the Procreate 5.2 update, as previously mentioned. All iPad models, including the new M1 iPad Pro, will maintain the same functionality. As other significant Procreate 5.2 upgrade features become available, we’ll make sure to keep you informed. If you run into any problems when using Procreate, post your questions in the comments section below. It will soon be resolved with assistance from our team. What is your favourite new feature in Procreate 5.2, if you have it? Tell us in the comments section below.